Movie Reviews – My All Time Favorites

My All Time Favorite Movies

You can tell a lot from a person from the kinds of movies they watch. Some like action films or science fiction. Others like romance or comedies. I have thought a lot about the movies that I like and wanted to share with you a list of my all-time favorites. Eventually I would like to review each one in more detail.

When you look at this list you will learn a lot about me. Many are deeply spiritual. I love films with character, and that deal with serious issues in tangible ways. Characters need to be real and have depth. Films also need to have a good ending. Yet I also like films with humor, and romance. Sleepless in Seattle would be a good example. I also really like cross-cultural themes in films. The films on this list have great endings (for the most part).

Unconditional is my all-time favorite for a lot of reasons. The beginning is sad but it is real, and goes beyond the raw emotions of grief. It shows the main character, Samantha grappling with the concepts of the meaning of life, and overcoming hopelessness. Been there! She does overcome, through forgiveness, and with the help of a childhood friend she meets again, who helps children in the inner city. She finds meaning in helping others. She is changed. Oh by the way, before tragedy struck her life, she was a children’s book author. When she regains hope she can create again! You have got to see this film! It deals with racism, forgiveness, ministry, death, overcoming, hope, and much more. It is filled with love! The ending is fantastic!

A Walk in the Clouds, is a beautiful film. This film is rich with honor, love, dreams dying and coming back to life, and with the main character finding who he is by finding love. He finds healing. He finds his place in life with a Mexican-American family. This family finds healing too. Oh, and there is wine, and love. This film is awesome. I will save the rest for the review!

Even though I am a Christian I generally do not like overtly Christian films, with the exception of, Facing the Giants. I don’t like films that are preachy. This is a football movie but much more than that, it is a film about overcoming. Against all odds a football coach turns his life around and then has a positive impact on his team, which changes the lives of the players. This film is a winner!

We Bought a Zoo, may seem like a light weight by looking at the cover, but it not only has depth, it is a very sensitive film about a family that has suffered the loss of the wife and mother. The husband (starring Matt Damon) is determined to save his family (and himself) out of the depths of despair and grief. He is willing to go to great lengths to do so. A new start is the answer, and yes they do buy a zoo! It has a great ending, and life is reborn. Watch how the family is transformed due to dealing with their grief and allowing love to come in. Wow.

Namesake is an incredible film about an Indian couple coming to the U. S. and beginning a new life. It is also about their children, the changing culture both in this country and in their family. It is filled with the search for meaning, love, family, and what is success? It is complex and very cross-cultural, but the film is done so well, and has so much love in it, as we watch the characters deal with different issues they face, including a failed marriage. Why did the marriage fail? They married for the wrong reasons. In the end the mother returns to her love of singing.

I round out this list with October Baby. At first this seems like a typical teenager movie, with young people going to the beach and hanging out with friends. It changes though as the main character finds out why she has health problems and that she was adopted. The middle of the film deals with the issue of abortion and not only the horror of it, but the long term damaging effects. It is not overtly Christian but without question this is a pro-life movie with a lot to say. The ending is all about redemption and healing! Thank God for healing!

Warning: Many of these films are rated PG-13 and are not suitable for children due to their mature themes. Please, please, be careful. If you’re a parent or an older teen though – enjoy!

My Top Fifteen Favorite Movies

1. Unconditional

2. A Walk in the Clouds

3. The Ultimate Gift

4. Facing the Giants

5. The Kingdom of Heaven (with Gregory Peck)

6. It’s a Wonderful Life

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

8. We Bought a Zoo

9. The Perfect Game

10. Fill the Void

11. Young Victoria

12. Miracle on 34th Street (original)

13. Namesake

14. Sleepless in Seattle

15. October Baby




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5 thoughts on “Movie Reviews – My All Time Favorites

  1. These are great reviews! I really liked ” we bought a zoo” also. I think that films that deal with grief and real people if ding hope again are really healing and helpful. Sorry I’m barraging you with comments…I’m clearly not very good at the silent part of my retreat… 😉 and you definitely can’t beat “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I watched it every Christmas growing up.

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