In The Footprints of a Draft Horse

I long for a simpler life, a more natural one. Clean food and less noise. Somehow when we meditate on this type of life our mind goes back in time. We want to connect with nature and with our past, or at least with the good parts of past human experience. Here’s a poem about it.

In the Footprints of a Draft Horse

I remember the first time

I saw one of those huge footprints.

They sank deep into the earth.

It was in a park near Washington,

a police officer was riding a Percheron-Crossbred

a giant in the woods.

I remember the farm museum too—

in the barns, and in the field

demonstrating harness, and plow.

At the County Fair,

gentle – yet willing to work hard, and pull with sweat,

only needing some food and shelter.

I know that most think they have no use,

that they are from the past,

stuck in our time.

But I believe they are somehow close

to what we really need.

Created for their function, to be part of us.

Close to our beginnings.

Quiet, hard working, gentle.

We were meant to be walking in their footprints.




© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree










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