Earthen Lodges

Our personal space is important to us. In other cultures, and in times past, space was meant to be more family and community oriented. Extended family were often under the same roof. This has advantages and disadvantages of course! Here is a poem about some Native Americans/First Nations people of the past, sharing their space and their lives.

Earthen Lodges

The fires are still burning for some,

at least in their hearts.

I can see fires for cooking, and warmth in the winter,

the smell of venison, and wood burning.

I hear dogs barking, babies crying, and grandfather and grandmother,

telling stories, teaching the ways. The language.

The people always together, and learning.


Beams and frame then grass and earth,

hearts and lives of the people coming together,

and smoke from the pipe. The Creator watching.

Buffalo robes and bear skins — food and protection.

Talking until late in winter, bringing in the horses.

A special place, a place of being whole.

It makes good sense to make a lodge.


Warmth, being together.

Keep the fires burning.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree





2 thoughts on “Earthen Lodges

  1. Keep writing poetry. You’ve got an interesting voice. Keep developing it. This might become my favorite aspect of you blog. That and the scripture meditations.

    Nice work!

    Jeff McLeod

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