Courage Under Fire

Courage Under Fire

War could not remove

her smile,

her face, shining,


In spite of mortars exploding,

we embrace.

Machine gun fire over our heads,

Rocket launchers, grenades,

Johns Hopkins.

They said she needed a transplant,

I once saw 3 people,

from the best hospital in the world,

take 45 minutes to get a line started,

in her hand. Puncture wounds everywhere,


Holding each other, we keep standing,

my heart breaks, and falls on the floor.

I will never forget the artillery,

the lady two rooms down – died.

We fight on, up the hill,

Dark night.

Suiting up with gown, gloves, and mask,

to visit her.

Chemo is next, we use our flame throwers,

screaming for help

we cross the river, fall in the trench,

hand to hand combat, side by side.

Air support, reinforcements.

Battle raging…

and then smoke… but calm.

Dawn on the horizon,

she puts on a mask, N95 by 3M,

no hair, skin peeling,

we walk out of the hospital,

for healing, we kiss.

And now…

She turns to look at me –

and sends healing my way.

I see new skin, not much hair,

but I am stunned by how beautiful she is,

she radiates,

we embrace again, and more…

I love her skin, her lips, her smile.


from the Garden of Eden.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

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