The Trails

The Trails

The sun was dawning that frosty morning.

I needed the woods, and said a prayer,

putting on my coat, knit hat,

then out the door. Stomach in a knot,

I was 18, my family fighting

the night before, Mom breaking


Now quietly walking, the earth invited me,

seeing my breath,

and loving the air,

I entered the woods. Walking,

the huge oak, offering strength,


trees and I upright,

still standing, deep in the woods,

signs of deer,

pieces of my soul coming together,

especially down by the big rock,

next to the creek. I looked up,

and saw a hawk in the sky.

Watching over me, wings outstretched,

I thought, “What a great name that would be”

Hawk in the Sky.

I was restored, in the peace,

in the woods, along the trails.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

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