The Trails

The Trails

The sun was dawning that frosty morning.

I needed the woods, and said a prayer,

putting on my coat, knit hat,

then out the door. Stomach in a knot,

I was 18, my family fighting

the night before, Mom breaking


Now quietly walking, the earth invited me,

seeing my breath,

and loving the air,

I entered the woods. Walking,

the huge oak, offering strength,


trees and I upright,

still standing, deep in the woods,

signs of deer,

pieces of my soul coming together,

especially down by the big rock,

next to the creek. I looked up,

and saw a hawk in the sky.

Watching over me, wings outstretched,

I thought, “What a great name that would be”

Hawk in the Sky.

I was restored, in the peace,

in the woods, along the trails.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

Your Love

Your Love

Your love has moved me squarely

towards the left,

when I hold you

your softness,

your beautiful brown skin,

teach me what is important,

that life is more –

than lowering taxes.

People matter,

so teach me more,

with your love.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

The Seagulls

The Seagulls

I’m convinced that seagulls are passive aggressive,

and some are even worse.

Waiting, watching your every move

hoping, to launch an attack,

for any and all morsels of food.

Reaching into your bags can cause havoc,

as they inch closer, squawking to tell

their buddies, twenty more then

watching and waiting.

We were sitting in our beach chairs,

when my wife said, “Watch this!”

I shouted, “No don’t!” too late.

She threw them a piece of her sandwich,

chaos erupted, 143 seagulls descended

within seconds,

some dive bombed,

others pecked at each other,

all of them squawking, and cussing,

calling each other names.

Where did they all come from?

I dived on top of my wife to protect her,

swung around,

and pulled the umbrella out of the sand,

used it as a shield, to cover us.

It was awful.

Then I snorted, and woke myself up.

With one eye open I asked,

“Did you just feed the birds?”

She said, “No, don’t be silly”

as she continued reading her book.

I said, “Oh, thank God,”

“…too many Alfred Hitchcock movies….”

I did notice, after we got home though,

that the starlings have been staring at us.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain

Hearing the rain pounding the roof,

means we are warm and safe inside,

a gentle fear, which will be over soon,

the world will have sunshine,

in spite of the heavens pouring out wrath.

All we need to do is get down into the covers,

and hold each other, a little bit longer,

you and I.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

People I Miss

People I Miss

Gandhi spent time in South Africa,

and said no

to Christianity,

no wonder,

the inner strength of a giant,

peacefully standing up.

Chief Joseph had the wisdom

of ten men, and a gentle spirit,

hated fighting but fought,

to save his people, then

he stopped fighting, to save his people,

from annihilation.

Mother Teresa gave her life

away to the poor,

living among the dying,

the streets filled with compassion

when she walked by,

her wrinkled hand reaching everyone.


I never met them,

yet I miss them.

Strength and compassion,


at the same time.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

Caught Up in the Wheel

Caught Up in the Wheel.

It hurts to see the Amish

serving rude people at the market,

instead of farming,

instead of being free in their fields,

raising their own food,

or quilting on their back porch.

Windmills producing vegetables.

This woman at the bake shop-

is in pain – trying to cope,

head covering, long dress, and tears,

and her daughter is across the way

suffering abuse as a waitress.

Hurry up with that coffee!

And the father is at the deli,

born to be a farmer,

everyone knows he is a farmer,

yet here he is slicing lunchmeat,

because he cannot afford-

the land.

God, this is awful,

and worse,

I’m a part of it.

Let me walk out of here, now

instead of paying them

to say “Hello-may I help you?”


We all need to be set free,

from being caught up in the wheel.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree