Song Bird

Native American



The mother of Song Bird prayed for her daughter all night that night. Running Doe had already lost one child, and she was not about to lose another one. At first she went outside and sensed the earth, feeling the worry leave her body, she felt lighter. She then went into the lodge and held Song Bird close, stroking her hair, and talking to her softly. Her husband Spotted Bull, was holding his daughter’s hand. He seldom showed emotion, but this night was different, tears streamed down his face.

The next day there was a meeting of the counsel. Hawk in the Sky was there, along with their spiritual leader, Standing on the Mountain. The old man Lone Horse was also there, with Spotted Bull, Two Eagles, Wolf, and Whirlwind. They smoked the pipe, and Hawk in the Sky shared his ideas for leading the people. The others listened. There were a few questions about how they would share responsibility, but no one objected. They would all lead as a group, but first they needed to take the whole matter to the people, and hear what they had to say about it.

One week later Song Bird was up and moving around, but she was still not allowed to play with the other children yet. Running Doe smiled as she handed her daughter another bowl of stew. Spotted Bull was content as they sat around the fire, and talked quietly. He commented to his wife, that there was a great peace among the people now.



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Buffalo Bird Woman used to sing to the corn,

to help it to grow, she was from the Hidatsa people.

Now we dump tons of chemicals on our corn-

call it food, and think we are doing a good thing,

land depleted, strange diseases.


I think the first way is better. Love the land,

and sing.


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The Song



The trees were singing to me again last night,

outside of my bedroom window,

I listened in the dark,

as the wind was playing the leaves,

like instruments, a beautiful song,

yet a sad serenade, of past glories,

colder weather was surely coming,

faded warmth,

but there was hope,

of new life in the future, reborn.

Keep singing, new life will come,

all is not lost.


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The Bear

Bear in the Woods

Note: This story contains a scene of an animal attacking a human and being killed in the process. It is fiction, but please do not read it if you love animals.

In the morning, Hawk in the Sky and Red Wing worked around the village. Outside of their lodge he worked on repairing his weapons and began making a new shield. The hardest part of shield making was getting it tight enough. He made several new arrows, and replaced the badly worn string on his bow. He used a piece of sinew and worked it until the tension was just right.

Red Wing worked with some other women stripping deer hides, in order to make clothing. They had to be scraped, dried, and softened in order to make the comfortable and durable clothing the people were used to.

In the late afternoon the peace of the village was by destroyed by screams coming from the river. Everyone jumped and moved in that direction at the same time. Hawk in the Sky’s lodge was one of the closest to the river, and he found himself grabbing his bow and quiver full of arrows, as he took off in the direction of the horrible sounds. There was roaring, along with the screams, and he did not like the sound of either.

As he ran, his quiver found its way to his back, and the first arrow (a brand new one) made its way to his bow, within seconds he was there. There was no time for thinking. A grizzly bear was chasing a group of young people on the other side of the river, and then knocked down the closest one with his huge claw. Just as the menacing animal was about to bite the young girl, the arrow from Hawk in the Sky found its place, squarely in the middle of the right side of the huge bear’s neck.

A roar of pain shot through the sky, which could be heard for miles. Two more arrows found their place in the animal’s neck, including one at the base of the skull. Roaring and screaming, the great animal stood on two legs in defiance, and immediately two more arrows from the bow of Hawk in Sky found their place, this time in the center of the great animal’s chest.

The huge bear fell backward, and lost his battle. The girl that was injured now had the courage to run across the river to the waiting arms of the people. He now saw that it was twelve year old Song Bird. There was blood coming from her upper back. Hawk in the Sky made his way across the river to make sure the animal was dead. Usually he had peace when he killed an animal, this time he was just angry.

He knew there would be no counsel meeting tonight. He had wanted to talk to the elders, but Standing on the Mountain would be helping the family of Song Bird, providing medicines and prayer.

 Omate Hawk Eagle

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The Osprey

Osprey and Fish

Winged power folded, patient,

waiting, for the next hunt,

then strength launching, flying higher,

circling, surveying the water,

soaring, measuring, calculating,

estimating, distance from the target

when the time is right –

the dive!

A missile propelling downward,

one hundred miles an hour,

extending talons, piercing the water,

grasping the target, and pulling up,

all at the same time.

The majesty of the hunter,

created to be – the fish hawk.

Osprey Side View

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The Art of Traditional Clothing – India

Harijan Woman
Harijan Woman
Beautiful Colors -Unknown People Group
Beautiful Colors -Unknown People Group


As you know I love colors! India has some of the most colorful and beautiful traditional clothing in the world. India is more than one culture, in fact there are many cultures within in India. There are more than 300 languages in India, and someone told me the number is actually closer to 1,000. The country has almost 1,000,000,000 people now, which means that 1 out of every 5 people in the world is Indian. Here are just a few examples of the beautiful clothing.

Kutch - Gujarat
Kutch – Gujarat
Mir Woman - Gujarat
Mir Woman – Gujarat
Marwada Meghwal Harijan
Marwada Meghwal Harijan







Pink Wedding Dress
Pink Wedding Dress
Fakirani Jat
Fakirani Jat
Sikh Man in Blue
Sikh Man in Blue
Rajastani Shoes
Rajastani Shoes

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One river with different streams,

occasionally writing with a broken faucet,

waving your hand but the sensor

not responding, knowing the water is there.

Thinking and praying about inspiration,

What was his heart saying?

Wilderness, nature with colors,

Native Americans coming alive,

the beauty of culture,

loving the people. Horses.

Culture always speaking with gold,

from around the world. Asia, Africa.

And love. His wife the librarian,

an endless resource, a river

herself, sparkling with diamonds.

Faith is important to him, but that’s not why he writes,

too many crusaders, outside with banners waving,

he did not want that,

no preaching, but painting,

something beautiful. Colors.


   Edouard Manet 1882
Edouard Manet 1882




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A Human Being

Fall in the Forest


This office building oppresses me,

it tries to tell me I have no identity,

filing papers, and pushing buttons,

like everyone else,

I need the wholeness of the earth,

the wisdom of the sky,

and the restoration of the water,

so I can be free,

and creative,

not a number, a place

where the Creator can speak to me,

and I can listen from the heart,

hearing peaceful strength,

and I truly can become,

a human being, once again.


Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

The Return

Native Americans



When he arrived back at the village there was a lot of whooping and hollering coming from the children. They were running and jumping around, as if they had never seen a person return from a hunt before. Hawk in the Sky had three horses (including the spotted one) full of provisions, and he had walked them all back to the camp. Old women smiled, and men slapped his back with congratulations.

It wasn’t until later, as he was sitting around the fire with his wife, that he remembered the terrible dream he had had the night before, about the demon. Staring into the fire he realized the origins of that awful thing was fear. Ever since his father had died he had been afraid. His father had been a strong leader, a war chief, and everyone looked to him, for everything. They trusted his father like no one else.

Hawk in the Sky realized he could never be that type of leader. He knew that, and the people knew that, and so they were all nervous. They did not have a strong leader anymore. Their jubilation over his return was partly due to relief. He was after all, the oldest son of Standing Bear.

His wife stared at him with concern on her face. He had not eaten. He shook everything else off, and smiled at her, which caused her to relax. Tomorrow he would meet with the counsel and talk, right now it was time to be with his beautiful Red Wing. He loved her softness. The children were asleep, and the two of them would soon be as well, underneath the buffalo blankets.

At Night

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