Horses of the Plains

Beautiful Paint

Controlled fury, pounding, sweeping,

over the plains, coming up from the south,

nostrils flaring, breathing in the power,

heart racing, legs a blur,

chest and lungs heaving, muscles

out pacing the deer,

over running the buffalo,

swerving, turning, in and out

of the herd, dodging the horns,

watching the lance fly,

the arrows falling like rain, on the target,

stopping on a dime, given the command.

And when the hunt is over,

still barely tame, yet a friend

controlled fury helping

the people to be free.

Warrior and Painted Horse



Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree


5 thoughts on “Horses of the Plains

  1. Love horses, but you painted horses in such a way…I love them more…
    Powerful poem, and the story behind it.
    Buffalo hunt, deer hunt, serving men, yet free.

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