Autumn in the Woods


I love the smell of autumn


the colors, the fresh air

tasting the cold.

Hiking with you,

on the trails, pretending

that we are the only people left,

earth reborn.

Adam and Eve?

a new beginning, in gold and red,

looking at the veins of a leaf,

you can see the Creator.

Hours of talking, and walking,

sensing the earth,

and where we fit,

then hiding, snuggled warm,

in the cabin,

next to the fire,

eating a bowl of baked apples,

with cinnamon.


Log Cabin



Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree


7 thoughts on “Autumn in the Woods

  1. The picture of perfect Autumn.
    Love all of it, but snuggling next to the fire with delicious food makes me so cosy and welcome. Great work.

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