One river with different streams,

occasionally writing with a broken faucet,

waving your hand but the sensor

not responding, knowing the water is there.

Thinking and praying about inspiration,

What was his heart saying?

Wilderness, nature with colors,

Native Americans coming alive,

the beauty of culture,

loving the people. Horses.

Culture always speaking with gold,

from around the world. Asia, Africa.

And love. His wife the librarian,

an endless resource, a river

herself, sparkling with diamonds.

Faith is important to him, but that’s not why he writes,

too many crusaders, outside with banners waving,

he did not want that,

no preaching, but painting,

something beautiful. Colors.


   Edouard Manet 1882
Edouard Manet 1882




Writing © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

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