Song Bird

Native American



The mother of Song Bird prayed for her daughter all night that night. Running Doe had already lost one child, and she was not about to lose another one. At first she went outside and sensed the earth, feeling the worry leave her body, she felt lighter. She then went into the lodge and held Song Bird close, stroking her hair, and talking to her softly. Her husband Spotted Bull, was holding his daughter’s hand. He seldom showed emotion, but this night was different, tears streamed down his face.

The next day there was a meeting of the counsel. Hawk in the Sky was there, along with their spiritual leader, Standing on the Mountain. The old man Lone Horse was also there, with Spotted Bull, Two Eagles, Wolf, and Whirlwind. They smoked the pipe, and Hawk in the Sky shared his ideas for leading the people. The others listened. There were a few questions about how they would share responsibility, but no one objected. They would all lead as a group, but first they needed to take the whole matter to the people, and hear what they had to say about it.

One week later Song Bird was up and moving around, but she was still not allowed to play with the other children yet. Running Doe smiled as she handed her daughter another bowl of stew. Spotted Bull was content as they sat around the fire, and talked quietly. He commented to his wife, that there was a great peace among the people now.



Writing © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

8 thoughts on “Song Bird

  1. My daughter and her dad are Cherokee Indian! I don’t ever share that since my girl looks anything but Native American! Even though this is a story I felt like this one hit close to home since my girl has always been sick! Interesting how you drew the coming together of the elders and healing with the child or was it the Father showing emotion and crying! I like this a lot!

    1. Thanks MichelleMarie! I’m sorry that your daughter is sick alot. I know what it’s like to have a difficult illness in the family. Yes there was healing in this one. I love to write the story around the people and what they go through in life. I did not intentionally write about the Father, but I can see that wonderful truth come through! Neat! God bless you and your family. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen. Keep going strong! Praying for you.

  2. I love how you continued your story. And that the girl is fine. What about the bear attack? Did it scared the People? How the bear happened to be there?

    1. This takes place in the west, and is historical. I envision the time period as the 1700’s. There was alot more wildlife back then. It was not uncommon, especially for a mother bear trying to protect her cubs. I’m sure the people took it in stride, as a part of living.

      Thanks for your comments Vik, these are all very good questions!

      1. Thank you for the answers.
        You are right, it was their daily lifestyle….expecting danger from white people, from wild life.

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