from MindBodyGreen
from MindBodyGreen

Red reminds me of spices and cultures,

red curry from India,

alive with flavor,

red peppers mixed with Ethiopian lamb,

bursting with heat,

the spice dealer in Hong Kong,

crowded streets, firecrackers at night,

culture and people alive,

sometimes paprika, sweeter than the heat,

Morocco, and couscous.

Red also reminds me of my true love,

Her figure in red dresses, her soft kisses.

H’mm maybe I should buy her that long red dress,

draped in elegance,

then we could go dancing!

kicking off shoes,

red is vibrant and alive!

 Red Dress

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

6 thoughts on “Red

  1. Red reminds me of blood
    Blood poured each day
    And are never replaced
    Blood lost through accidents
    Blood lost through maternal deaths
    Blood lost through treatable illnesses
    Blood lost through broken hearts
    Red reminds me of danger
    But I know pepper can be sweet
    Mum C.

    1. Yes, blood is red and blood is very serious indeed! I did think about the more serious side of red. Colors can mean so many things. In one culture white stands for death, and in another culture it is black. Thank you Cecilia for your comments, and being part of my blog!

  2. I love red, it’s my favourite colour. In Feng Shui, red is used sparingly because it has much power and brings joy, too much red in Fen Shui, can bring fire. But I never found red to be too much. I used to wear red clothes almost every day when I was a child. Maybe I’m little red riding hood!

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