The Rescue of Red Hawk – Part II

Sky and Clouds


The huge animal’s head was at least ten times the size of his own. He knew it was real, he could not deny what he was seeing, and that he was feeling the hot breath of Great White Buffalo in his face. Yet, he could not comprehend the animal being just inches away, so he just sat there and stared.

“You have hurt a lot of people, and there is a lot of work to be done, so come walk with me”, the great animal spoke without moving his lips. They walked together into the large herd of buffalo, and Red Hawk stuck close to the White Buffalo’s left side. Normally Red Hawk would have been crushed by the menacing herd, but they simply parted for the Great White, as if a great chief were walking by.

The White Buffalo began speaking to his mind about all the wrong things he had done, and the way he had hurt people. There were times that Red Hawk stopped in his tracks. He only remembered pieces of what he heard. Then they would walk on, and he would hear more of his cutting lodges with a knife, yelling at people, throwing water on cooking fires, and many more. He began weeping, with tears streaming down his face.

Then the worst of it came. The Great White Buffalo told Red Hawk about four different women he had beaten, three of them badly, when they had rejected him. This broke him into a thousand pieces, and he fell to his knees. He could not believe he had done such a thing, yet flashes came to his mind and he remembered the women. He remembered the anger he felt, so it must be true. He let out a scream of grief which could be heard for miles, and he wept bitterly.

He could not remember much after that, other than a warm yellow light shining on him from the heavens. He lay on the ground holding his head, wanting to die, weeping until long after dark.

He did not remember sleeping, but the next morning he woke to a small pile of wild vegetables, and berries next to him. The White Buffalo was off in the distance, as if he was guarding Red Hawk to keep him safe. He heard the Buffalo say, “Eat, Red Hawk, you will need your strength”. He had forgotten what food tasted like, and it did help him. The huge white animal walked over when he had finished and said, “I need to show you something, but you must be willing. It will be a vision.” Red Hawk shook his head yes, and closed his eyes.

Suddenly in his mind he saw flashes of light, mountains, rivers, the great sea, ten thousand thoughts came flooding in all at once – and then he was flying. Into the heavens he soared, above the clouds, more flashes of light, streams, rivers, water flowing over rocks. Trees were waving in the wind.

And then he saw himself sitting in the snow, and the vision went deep into his mind. He saw something that did not look right. In his mind there was something that looked like tree branches but they were all twisted, and tangled. The White Buffalo’s voice told him, that blood was not flowing right in his mind. The vision went deeper, like searching the depths of the sea, and he saw something there. In his mind he saw….well it looked like… looked like a pebble. There was a pebble in his mind that should not be there. He saw it. And the Great White Buffalo told him that it was causing a problem with his blood flowing. There were more flashes of light and the vision ended….

On the Edge of the Woods

Note: Next time healing comes to the Grie village. Thanks for reading!

Writing © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

6 thoughts on “The Rescue of Red Hawk – Part II

  1. Well I really liked this! Makes me feel sorry for Red Hawk! It also makes me wonder about a few native Americans I personally know that suffer from mental illness! I realize this is fiction but makes you wonder what makes a person’s mind get all funny turned! This term funny turned was made to me referring to this individual that was Cherokee and had these strange violent outbursts like you wrote about! This person was abusive to his wife and also tried to kill his son with a rake. She said he was funny turned! I can imagine such a person would be tormented by their actions and thoughts!
    Your story brought this forefront in my mind!
    Look forward to the next!
    Thank you for your kindness today! I apprecaite you! 😄

    1. Thank you MichelleMarie! It is always good to have you come by my neighborhood! Mental illness is a problem in our world. In this story I was trying to portray the problem of the character having a tumor, in his brain. I doubt if anyone called it a tumor a couple of hundred years ago so I described it in terms of how I thought it would be defined back then. It probably would look like a “pebble”.
      I think you will love the next story, which will be the end of our visit to this particular village.
      Blessings to you!

      1. Oh yes I got that totally. But I was also thinking I wonder how many people are thought to be mentally ill but actually have a brain tumor? My Grandpa and Uncle died from brain cancer. My Pa died from Alzheimer’s 3 years ago. Kinda scary huh? To me it is. There’s a little part of me that worries is my forgetfulness because I’m overloaded and busy or is there something wrong with my mind? So hard to know! 😀

  2. Yes I understand. Before my father died he had dementia. I seem to be forgetting more too. So I guess we need to do a whole lot of writing before we forget to! 🙂 🙂

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