Would God give us a sign,

 in the form of a hawk?

Can God hear our prayers,

sent, on the wings of an eagle?

Why would He send a hawk,

to fly right by my head,

a foot or so away, at eye level?

I was not afraid,

wings slow and peaceful,

was he looking at me,

as he went by?

The strangest thing was –

I was praying,

praying and walking,

important things on my heart,

please God,

and then the hawk drifts by.

I think the Creator was saying,

I’ve heard your prayers –

receive strength today.

So there is strength in a hawk.

And there is peace,

on the wings of an eagle.

from via google
from via google

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

11 thoughts on “Wings

    1. I’m so glad we can feel connected to creation! Makes me appreciate the Creator. We can see Him and His immense creativity in the creatures, and creation.

      Thanks for your inspiring comments!

    1. God can use any animal – ok maybe not a rat – to encourage us and to give us strength. Thank you reading some of the older work! Peace and blessings to you.

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