Samuel Parker

by Claude Monet
by Claude Monet


Samuel Parker was in love again and it absolutely scared him to death. How did this happen? Wasn’t he too old for this? He thought for sure that love ended at 50, and then you went for a rocking chair. Here he was, almost 60, and yet every time he saw her, his heart started pounding, and he stumbled for words to say. Her name was Megan Kominski, and she was the most beautiful 50 year old woman he had ever seen.

The highlight of his day was seeing her at the art museum downtown, where they both volunteered. He left work at the post office at 3:00, and was at the museum at 3:45, in order to see her and talk, just before they both started at 4:00. They both led tours around the museum, highlighting the works of different artists.

When it wasn’t busy they could talk for hours about art. They both loved the Impressionists! Although they did debate about their favorites, she loved Monet the best, and his favorite was Mary Cassatt, they always kept their debates good natured. They both made excellent points on why their favorite painter was better, or why a particular painting was more outstanding. She was more open to abstract art. He couldn’t stand it to be truthful, but he didn’t want to appear to be too negative, so he just said, “Not my cup of tea!”

The museum closed at 7:00, and one night she asked him if he wanted to go for a cup of coffee. He jumped at the chance, but felt stupid for not thinking of the idea himself. On that first night, he was the one that was nervous, and realized he seemed that way. She had a way of disarming him though, simply with her smile, and he began to relax. That night they talked about Obama Care, although he had no idea why, maybe it was the news of the day. He was amazed at how much they were alike. “It’s only the rich people that are against it, because they’re being too tight with their wallets”. She smiled and agreed. He silently patted on himself on the back for that one. He scored another point!

He was being genuine though, they both were. For some reason, he really began to care what she thought of him. He did not want to disappoint her in any way. Perhaps that’s where the fear came in. Was he good enough for this beautiful woman? After going to the coffee shop 3-4 times he worried that maybe she would reject him and that would hurt, beyond belief. He knew then, he was in love.

He always walked her to her car, after they left the coffee shop. Maybe he was just being a guy, but he was concerned about her safety. More than that, it gave him an opportunity to look at her beautiful brown hair with gray streaks, gleaming in the street lights. She was stunning. The first night they just said “Goodnight”, and smiled. The next time it was a small, polite hug. By the third night he embraced her. He thought, was she ready for this? Her smile told him yes, so he kissed her. No, really they kissed each other. Still in the back of his mind, he worried.

They both loved classical music, and he decided to conquer any worries he had, by asking her to a concert at the theater two blocks from the museum, on Saturday. Now it was her turn to jump at the chance, and she did! They loved the music of Franz Joseph Hayden, and he especially loved the strings. She on the other hand, especially loved the piano concerto.

Walking back to the car she said, “Do you want to go someplace for a drink?” His heart stopped. Now the fear had him by the throat, and he did not know what to do. He made up some lie about not feeling well, and drove her home without saying a word. Now she was panicked, that she had done something wrong. Why was he being so nervous?

When he walked her to the door, he gave her only a polite peck on the cheek, and said goodnight. His heart was frozen with fear, and he quickly walked away. He loved her for sure, but he could not force himself to tell her he had been an alcoholic. It was over now for sure.

Cup of Coffee


Fortunately it is not over! Part II of this two part story is coming up next time. Peace!

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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