Wild Horse Seeks a Vision

from blog.al
from blog.al

Historical Microfiction

Wild Horse wanted to be married, he just did not know to whom yet. As they smoked and talked, Seven Hawks realized his son was lonely. Now that he thought about it, this had been true ever since they had arrived here. Wild Horse did not fit in as easily with the Tsi people, as the other Grie did. “I’m even thinking about going back to our first village”, there it was, Wild Horse spoke what his father had been thinking.

“It’s not always easy being your son”, this came with such emotion from Wild Horse, that his father was shocked. “Everyone loves you, they look up to you!” “He’s the strongest man alive, they say!” “They have nothing but good to say about you”. “Father, I do not have your strength, I do not have dreams and visions like some people here”. Seven Hawks offered his son the pipe, hoping it would calm him down. It worked. As he held the pipe in his hands, Wild Horse said with a sigh, in a quiet way, “I don’t have any friends here”. There it was again, loneliness. His son drew from the pipe, thinking he may have said too much.

Seven Hawks was not a quick thinker, but this time he felt inspired. The thought came to him straight out of the sky. “Sky, have you thought about the Tsi woman they call Sky?” Seven Hawks let the words flow right out. His son looked shocked. Why would his father say such a thing after all he had just said? “No”, he said flatly. He added, “Isn’t there something wrong with her?” “I mean…..isn’t she older?”

from american-indian-art
from american-indian-art

Seven Hawks thought he would choke his son, right then and there, or at least yell at him. “Son, she is 24!” “No there is nothing wrong with her!” Now he needed to calm down, and motioned for the pipe. Wild Horse tried to explain, “All I meant was….she’s different….she seems afraid at times….and well…..wears more clothing than other women”. There he said it, it was out now. Seven Hawks stared at his son, as if he didn’t know him. He began inhaling huge puffs from the pipe. Who was this strange person sitting in front of him?!! He said nothing.

It was just then that Prairie Flower walked into the lodge, saw the pipe, saw her husband and her son looking very serious, then turned and walked out of the lodge in disgust. Seven Hawks knew a storm was brewing in his wife, but he talked for a while longer with his son, about the village, and how good it was here. Seven Hawks wanted his son to stay here and begin a new life.

He also defended what he said about Sky by saying that some women are like that, meaning more timid, because they realize the great treasure they have inside of themselves. Their hearts are very special. “Maybe she is trying to protect the treasure”, Seven Hawks heard himself saying. Where did those words come from? He drew their long talk to a close with the words, “Just think about it son”. These were not words from heaven, but it was all he could think of at the time.

Great Sand Dunes Colorado by Matt-Payne via flickr
Great Sand Dunes Colorado by Matt-Payne via flickr

It was night by this time, and Wild Horse went outside for some air. His mother brushed by him and quickly went into their lodge. He briefly heard some arguing inside, but then he saw their shadows embracing by the fire, and he knew they would be alright. Looking at the sky he was amazed at how many stars there were…..he felt small in one sense, and yet connected to the earth, and filled with awe. Suddenly he thought of the name “Sky”, and wondered if her name meant the blue sky of day, or the night sky, filled with stars. He sighed deeply, and went for a walk, through the paths where snow was cleared by the people, around the village. He needed to think.

He did not know if he should stay in this village or not, and he was confused. He needed answers, he needed a clear head, and a quiet spirit. This was one time where he felt he should pray. He needed more than just prayer though. He needed a vision, and starting tomorrow he would seek that vision, until he had the answers he needed.

What he did not know, was that on the other side of the village Cricket in the Meadow sensed she should pray for Wild Horse. She put another log on the fire, and closed her eyes. At first her mind was blank, and then for some reason she had an image of a bright blue sky, where the sun was shining on beautiful white clouds. She had never seen such a beautiful sky before……

by chibitomu via flickr
by chibitomu via flickr

The conclusion of Wild Horse Seeks a Vision next time! Thanks for reading!


Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

4 thoughts on “Wild Horse Seeks a Vision

  1. The names confuse me at time but I love how they can tell a story on their own. Nature really resonates in your aboriginal stories.
    I’m curious. Are these stories of personal experience or of research?

    1. I did research on First Nations people for many years, before I started writing about them. Now I write out of a love for them and their culture. I can say I do experience them in one sense – internally. I live the story in a way. I hope that helps to answer your question.

      Thank you so much for your comments and for being part of my blog!

  2. I have decided that you are weaving parts of yourself into these stories! I’ve been reading your blog long enough to know you are a Godly man who loves his wife and family! You also take walks and pray! You enjoy a sense of community! It is amazing how much you can learn about someone reading their writing! Don’t stop and I tell you why! When my Pa passed away he left me all his writings and photos! I read them a lot and each time I learn something about my Pa I didn’t know! Even in his death he still continues to teach me more about the man he was! Blessings to you and I hope your wife is doing well!

    1. Wow, MichelleMarie I am humbled. Ssh don’t tell everybody! 🙂 I love a sense of community, and yes faith is important to me too, but it has to be based in love. Without love we are nothing. Thanks for praying for my wife. Not sure if I mentioned it or not but she is a cancer survivor. It was real bad for years, but she is doing well now, thank God.
      Thank you my friend for all of your blessings.

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