Sky – The Defeat of Fear

Native American Woman

Historical Microfiction

It was the most courageous thing she had ever done. She actually went up, and spoke to the man. She went to him and not the other way around. Wild Horse, and several of them men were going hunting for elk. They would be back the same day due to the weather, but Sky took the opportunity to fight fear. The men were preparing to leave when she walked up. As Wild Horse was mounting his horse, she said, “I wish you well, bring us back some food!” It was about the dumbest thing she could have said, but there it was. Wild Horse was not only surprised, he turned to her beaming from atop his horse. To him it was the best gift anyone could have given him. It meant he was making progress!

from wallpapersak via google
from wallpapersak via google

He said, “I will” and off they went. In the hunting party besides Wild Horse, there was his father Seven Hawks, Bull Elk, Thunder Speaking (who now had his arm out of the sling), Bear Dancer, Spotted Bull, and Hawk in the Sky. They were promising to be back before it got dark. To be honest though, they were glad to be hunting again, and away from the village for a while, even if the temperatures were dangerous. As she watched them leave, she heard one of them yell, “Men were made for hunting!” The others whooped and hollered in agreement.

It had been a month now since Cricket in the Meadow had started living with her. The two were not only friends, Cricket in the Meadow was like a mother to her. She counseled Sky on how to conquer fear, and even gave her projects to work on, like seeking people out and talking to them, especially a certain young man.

Cricket in the Meadow was also giving her advice on what to do if she did have any bad dreams. She explained to Sky that she may be afraid to love because she was afraid to suffer pain and loss, if she was not loved in returned. This brought up the topic of Wild Horse.

“On the one hand, if you give your heart to him now, you may still be afraid and it might affect your relationship”. Cricket in the Meadow explained further, that on the other hand, “If you loved each other, and you experienced his love in tangible ways, it may bring about tremendous freedom for you”. Sky thought about these possibilities a lot, and prayed about them almost constantly.

The hunting party did return just before dark, and they brought several elk with them, which resulted in a tremendous amount of food for the people. When Sky went out to greet Wild Horse, the men looked cold, and worn out. Wild Horse was kind though, and spoke softly to her, after pulling her aside. They spoke in the shadows of the lodge fires. He took her hands in his and told her he was glad to be back. He had missed not seeing her. He didn’t tell her, but he thought about kissing her.

from galleryhip via google
from galleryhip via google

Inwardly she began to freeze up, and fear started to creep in. She had not felt this way in weeks. She said good night to him and quickly walked back to her lodge. Was it true? Could someone love her? After she lay down to sleep that night, she tried to remember the things that Cricket in the Meadow had said, about being loved by all the people, that she had value, even if Wild Horse did not marry her, but it did not work. She was afraid again, and she was tired of it. She was tired from the fight.

The dream began slowly, building up like a thunder storm. She tossed and turned, seeing lightning and hearing thunder, in the dream. The thing was there, lurking. She couldn’t see it yet but she felt it. In the dream, she walked outside to face it, carrying a lance. Somehow in the dream she remembered what Cricket in the Meadow had told her. She felt like maybe….could someone being praying for her?

from costumecraze via google
from costumecraze via google

As she heard that familiar growl, like she had so many times before, she saw the monster move in the shadows. She could see its yellow eyes now, in the dark, and then its teeth, in the moonlight. She squeezed the lance tighter. She caught herself though, and stopped. She threw down the lance because she would not need it for this fight…..



I did not intentionally make this a two part segment, but the conclusion will be very soon! Thank you for reading! You are awesome!


Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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