Sky – The Defeat of Fear – Conclusion

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from imgarcade

Historical Microfiction

Still dreaming, she quietly spoke to the thing, “I do not need the lance, because I am not afraid of you.” She was determined not to go through this again! She did exactly what Cricket in the Meadow had taught her. “I am loved, and I am not afraid of you!” “I AM

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from vibrancylives via google

NOT AFRAID OF YOU!” She was yelling now, and she was yelling in her sleep. Cricket in the Meadow and some of the people could hear it. The monster stopped growling. She continued, “I WILL LIVE A NORMAL LIFE, AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!” She began pointing now at the monster, and she was using her words as weapons. “I AM LOVED! AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF LOVING!” She was yelling at the top of her lungs, sitting up in the lodge with her eyes closed, as she dreamed. She pointed and yelled. Cricket in the Meadow dared not disturb her. She realized something special was going on here.

“I AM NOT AFRAID TO LOVE!” The whole village was awake now as Sky continued fighting in her dream. “I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU”, was repeated over and over. The monster began to wimper, and cower in front of her. She was going in for the kill now. With all the voice she could muster, she shouted like she never had before – “YOU…. WILL…. NOT…. CON-TROL…. MY…. LIFE!”

At those words the monster fell, rolled arond on the ground, and writhed in pain. It was dying. “I WILL CONTROL MY LIFE, NOT YOU!” “NO MORE OF THIS!” The horrible thing, tried to stand up, but she yelled, “NO, NO MORE!”  It rolled once more, let out a death yell, and vanished in front of her. Sky was free, and she knew it.

The men and women of the village stood outside their lodges, wondering what to do. Several of the women headed to the lodge after the yelling had stopped. Prairie Flower (the mother of Wild Horse), Redwing, Holds the Fire, and Bluebird all came running. There was crying now coming from the lodge, but what they did not know was, that Sky was awake and crying from joy. There were huge sobs, and floods of tears streaming down her face, as she experienced the greatest freedom of her life. She could not stop crying.

benrussell.photoshelter via google
benrussell.photoshelter via google

Once the women were told to come in by Cricket in the Meadow, they saw her holding Sky with great tenderness. They took turns holding her, the older women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters. The people did love her, and she knew it. With the realization of their love, more tears came, in a flood. Cricket in the Meadow put more wood on the fire, while Holds the Fire, held Sky, and she started making an herbal drink. She would do anything to help her adopted daughter. She was also the only one that understood what had taken place. She began weeping as well, but softly.

As Wild Horse stood outside his lodge, he felt he knew some of what Sky was going through. He had heard almost every word she had yelled. He also knew about her struggle with fear, even though no one ever told him about it. Should he go to her? He did not want to interfere with the healing, and he went back inside. He stood there – no – this wasn’t right. Was the Creator speaking to him?

Black and WhiteHe went to her lodge, not knowing what he would do or say. They did not hear him at the door so he moved the flap until Cricket in the Meadow stuck her head out. She was surprised but let him in, without saying a word.

When he came in, everything stopped, and they all stared at him. Sky also stared at him quietly, and softly spoke his name, “Wild Horse.” It was almost a whisper. He then said one of the stupidest things he had ever said in his life, but it meant the world to her, he said, “Is there anything I can do?” They all looked at each other, and started laughing, with tears in their eyes….

It was the greatest night of her life……well…… so far anyway…..


Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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  1. Thanks! I love your awesome comments, and welcome back! I love writing these, I wish there were more hours in the day. Do you go by another name besides writingbytheriver (btw I love that name for a site)? If not no problem. Sometimes when I thank people I use their name.

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