You Rock! With Loud Guitars!

from Pinterest
from Pinterest

I can’t believe it has been 6 months of blogging already! I want to thank everyone! Wow, thank you!  You all continue to be an incredible source of enouragement to me. Yes you! “You rock” means you are just awesome. “With loud guitars” means you are awesome in a big way! So you rock with loud guitars!

I look forward to more writing, photography, and art from your sites! Your work is amazing! By the way I know I use exclamation points too often – but they mean I am happy, or that I think your work, and/or comments are just wonderful!

Now, you might think how does a guy who loves, nature, peace, poetry, First Nations People, his wife (she’s at the top of the list!) love loud guitars? That’s an easy one. First I grew up in the culture of rock music, and some of it was really hard rock. So hearing the guitars makes me feel young again. Plus the groups I listen to now have a positive message. These groups would include Switchfoot,  and The Letter Black. I also like some of the old stuff like Boston.

If you watch the video below, please be careful with your ears. The guitars are really loud! Thank you again! I am celebrating!

The video is called Dark Horses, and the dictionary (merriam-webster) defines a dark horse – a person (such as a politician), animal, or thing that competes in a race or other contest and is not expected to win or : a person who has interesting qualities or abilities that most people do not know about. We may have been down but we’ve never been out! Keep going strong!

You rock!

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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