beautiful sinset

Do you remember the park?

It was summer back then,

asking you to marry me,

and you said yes!

blossoming, flourishing,

brightness from the sun,

causing us to grow.

For two summers,

you had a big belly!

Do you remember talking to,

and praying for the babies?

I was sure they heard us.

Later there was summer vacation,

holding the little ones by the hands,

so their feet could dance,

in the waves,

sun reflecting.

We were so alive,

but some say, that summer will end,

then comes the fall,

we are older now,

but for us there will always be,

warmth, and new beginnings,

discovering who we are.

I pray we will always live,

in the summer.

powerful ocean wave

 Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

images from google

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