In the Garden

 rain on roof

When I hear the rain,

pounding on the roof,

I rejoice, knowing,

 you will soon be in the garden,

planting flowers,

hands covered in dirt,

and your heart filled,

with a song,

I love your smile,

your joy,

You have never looked so beautiful,

with your old clothes on,

and your sun hat,

Eve in the Garden of Eden,

never looked so good.

When the sun caresses your cheek,

plantingI want to be there.

In the garden together,


red and yellow tulips,

always returning,

beauty refusing to die,

miniature rose bushes,


later some tomato plants,

a little mulch.

If it rains on us,

let it pour!

We can get soaked together,

laughing, and dancing,

in bare feet,

acting like school children,

throwing mud!


and falling,

in love,

all over again,

let it pour.

two in the rain

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

images from google

35 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. I love this and the rain! I am so excited that you have so many wonderful followers enjoying your wonderful stories and writing! One day you will have trouble keeping up with all the comments! 😀

  2. Beautiful blog and wonderful photos and pieces. Thanks so much for sharing. Love it. Thanks also for visiting my author blog and I do hope you enjoy it and the snippets from my writing and my experiences in the music business too. Let me know. I shall be back soon. 🙂 Thanks again. Have a fab week.

  3. Soon…very soon 🙂 I loved reading this …it reminded me of being a child and playing in the rain…and it made me question “When was the last time I played in the rain?” As it may rain here today I might have to go see if I can find my inner child! Thank you 🙂 ❤

  4. Oh thanks so much for making me smile with your writing and photos. Love them. Thanks also for popping in to my blog again, and liking my piece, The Auditions. Do pop over to Creative Frontiers where they are hosting my regular music blogs twice monthly, if you can , and let them know what you think of my pieces by leaving a comment on each for me (them). I would really appreciate it and it lets them know I am not wasting their space. LOL I am impressed your wife inspires you! How wonderful for her to know this. Have a fab week, let me know if you visit CF at all. Links on my blog. Many thanks. Jane x

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