Walking in the Storm


Why did he like walking in the howling grey?

wind throwing the snow,

pushing his body,


ice pounding,

telling him,

he did not belong here.

It was a challenge,

longing for warm coffee,

and a book,

he walked instead,

wanting to hear,

His voice,

there were no flowers,

to distract,

it was all a battle,

where was He?

what was He saying?

he wanted to hear,

wanted to understand,

to make sense of it all,

the storm was the best place,

to find the answers,

not the easiest,

but the best,

he stopped walking,

and listened to the storm.

There it was,

he could hear the voice now.


it was a quiet voice,

in the midst of the howling,

he breathed deeply,

in the middle of the pain,

and suffering,

he knew,

that he would be safe,

one day,

it was all a matter,

of finding the peace,

regardless of the battle.

It all made sense now,

and he would keep seeking,

to hear the voice.

 Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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