from myuctv

When archeologists find our bones,

when we’ve been in the ground,

ten thousand years,

will they discover –

the ancient words,

of love your neighbor,

love your enemy,


and it will be given?

I wonder,

and I long for,

those ancient words.

Will they discover the word,


Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

image from google

9 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. I doubt it, my friend. I just saw a magazine at Barnes where they found a 13,000 year old skeleton who had been obviously killed (sever head injury) in battle. I think that’s all anyone who ever comes here will find. But perhaps, by the time anyone, or anything, does come here, we will have been gone long enough that the earth will be a beautiful garden filled with plants and flowers, animals and birds and they will think the earth is paradise…all because we are gone.

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