Lakota Lullaby

Lakota Pipes

If you’ve never heard the Lakota language, or First Nations music, this short video has both. It is a lullaby, and a paraphrase of the words are, “go back to sleep my good son, the night is a good night, go back to sleep”. There are other versions out there but I liked this one because of the combination of music and video. There is also a beautiful flute solo in the middle of the song. Just beautiful!

Blessings to all of you, and PEACE!

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A New Life in the Village

from pinterest - mother and child from the Crow Nation - photograped in 1908
from pinterest – mother and child from the Crow Nation –                                photographed in 1908

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People in the 1700’s

It was a difficult labor, which began early in the morning. Redwing was quickly surrounded by her friends and loved ones. Holds the Fire, who she now called “mother”, was there with Bluebird. Cricket in the Meadow, and Sky came running when they heard the commotion. Redwing was not only in pain, but her water had broken. Through the contractions Redwing was praying, she said, “I was never good with this part.” Holds the Fire, quickly responded with, “Daughter, none of us are good with this part.”

Hawk in the Sky was there too, but he had no idea what he could do, or should do. He hated seeing his wife in such pain. He felt he was of no use, but Holds the Fire assured him that being there, and holding his wife’s hand, was really all that she needed. So he did hold her hand, and spoke gently to his wife. She loved him for it. Once in a while he would go outside for some fresh air, and to get more wood for the fire.

village at duskWhen Cricket in the Meadow examined Redwing, she found that the baby was in the wrong position, and could never be born in this way. Her daughter Sky launched into action in two ways. First she took out her sack of herbs and mixed an herbal drink, that would help Redwing to remain calm, and it may even help with the delivery. Secondly she began praying, this was going to be a fight and she knew it.

Several women came in and out of the lodge, so word spread quickly that the baby needed to turn. Their love for Redwing turned into prayer. The herbal drink did help Redwing to relax, but did not put her to sleep. Cricket in the Meadow began talking to the child softly, through Redwing’s stomach. They all believed that the child could hear them. Then she began massaging gently Redwing’s belly, so that the baby would move into the right position. They all knew that if they were to put a hand inside, Redwing would most likely get a terrible infection. Sky, and Cricket in the Meadow, took turns talking to the child, praying, and massaging.

After hours of this, they knew time was of the essence. They did not want the child to die inside of Redwing. Sky, began to make smoke so that their prayers would drift up into the heavens. What else could they do? Cricket in the Meadow suggested to Sky that they needed another herbal drink, but they would have to be very careful with using the right amount of each herb, or it could do more harm than good. So they both measured out the herbs, and then double checked them again. They were exhausted, so they wanted to make sure they had it right. herbs from google

It was after the second herbal drink that Redwing felt the baby move in a big way. What a relief! The baby moved one way and then another, until finally their head was in the right position. A short time later the child’s head began to show. It was Sky that helped the baby the rest of the way. It was a girl! A beautiful baby girl was born! Sky, and Holds the Fire quickly wrapped the child to keep her warm, and placed her on her mother’s chest. Both mother and father were weeping from joy. No matter how many times they had seen it, they were all amazed at the miracle of a child being born.

No one saw her, but Cricket in the Meadow, quickly retreated to the other side of the lodge, holding her chest. This birth had taken a lot out of her, and she was in pain. She started having visions of her dead husband’s spirit. She wondered if she would be joining him soon, but she said nothing. She did not want to ruin the joy of the moment.

Once the child started feeding, everyone relaxed. Hawk in the Sky and Redwing, had several names picked out but could not decide at that moment. It was not long before Redwing drifted off to sleep, being held in her husband’s arms. The other ladies left the lodge, exhausted and happy.

Sky did notice Cricket in the Meadow, was especially tired. Was that a cringe of pain? She quickly asked, “Mother? Are you alright?”

mother and child

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Walking in the Storm


Why did he like walking in the howling grey?

wind throwing the snow,

pushing his body,


ice pounding,

telling him,

he did not belong here.

It was a challenge,

longing for warm coffee,

and a book,

he walked instead,

wanting to hear,

His voice,

there were no flowers,

to distract,

it was all a battle,

where was He?

what was He saying?

he wanted to hear,

wanted to understand,

to make sense of it all,

the storm was the best place,

to find the answers,

not the easiest,

but the best,

he stopped walking,

and listened to the storm.

There it was,

he could hear the voice now.


it was a quiet voice,

in the midst of the howling,

he breathed deeply,

in the middle of the pain,

and suffering,

he knew,

that he would be safe,

one day,

it was all a matter,

of finding the peace,

regardless of the battle.

It all made sense now,

and he would keep seeking,

to hear the voice.

 light through trees


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The Bus Driver

bus with ramp

Contemporary Microfiction

He was retired of course. He could never live on this salary alone, but he loved his job. More than anything, he liked working with the people. He had taken the job to earn grocery money, but now he saw it as doing his part to help others. He grew to love the people. Most people would call his riders “disabled”, but he didn’t. He saw them as people first, not being defined by their limitations. Joe Cappelli was a blessed man, to be able to do what he was doing, and he knew it.

Every day he had a route and picked up only certain passengers. They mostly needed to go to doctor appointments, sometimes to dialysis, or to the county health center. But he also took them to one of his favorite places, the library. Each one had a caregiver, some were appointed and some had family members taking care of them. The family members always had the toughest job on earth, trying to take care of their child, pouring their heart and soul, and all of their energy, into taking care of someone else. Many were frazzled, or emotionally drained, and needed to take care of themselves more.

As he drove he would often talk to the caregiver, giving them words of encouragement, and reminding them to not forget to take care of themselves. But he always talked to the patients as well. Some people had the terrible habit of ignoring patients, even at the clinic, or the doctor’s office. When they did, he burned with anger. He would restrain himself, but he would say something like, “You know Bobbie can hear you!” or “Why don’t you talk to Sarah, she’s sitting right here.”littel girl

Sarah Chung brightened up his life. He loved this nine year old, with the smile that would melt the hardest of hearts. She was so alive! Her parents had abandoned her at birth, presumably because she had Down’s syndrome. Twice a week he would take her to her appointments and to the library. She loved books! He also liked her caregiver, Emma Sanchez. Emma was about his age, and she had a great personality. She was originally from Peru, and he loved her accent. She was well…um…pretty, to say the least! He and Emma became good friends.

He wasn’t sure if he and Emma would ever become lovers, but he loved being able to talk to her. They often went out for coffee, or to the movies. His wife and left him years ago for someone else, and he realized Emma was bringing healing into his life. He trusted Emma like no one else.

Another patient he grew to love was Scottie Thompson. Scottie was a fighter. Everyday Scottie fought MS (multiple sclerosis). At fourteen Scottie had more courage than most grown men he had met. Scottie also had kidney problems and he took him three times a week to dialysis. When Scottie’s health began to fail, Joe spent his off hours at the hospital. He would talk, and read to Scottie, mostly from history books, because that’s what Scottie was into, British history in particular. Scottie’s family grew to love Joe, and often told him to go home and get some rest!

Joe was reading to Scottie about Charles II, when Scottie slipped into a comma, and never returned. It was only a few days later, when Scottie was gone. Joe cried like a baby. It seemed like all the grief he had ever felt but had never let out, came to the surface, right there in the hospital waiting room. Emma was with him, and it was her love that pulled him back out of the pit of sorrow, over the next couple of weeks. Joe remained good friends with Scottie’s family over the years. He was often invited for dinner, and loved his times with them.

But over the years this type of experience occurred again, and again. Joe poured his life into people, and he was loved for it. In fact, he became the most popular, and loved bus driver in the city. He won civil service awards, and would always say, he didn’t deserve the award, he just loved helping people.

The mayor gave him the key to the city, and gave Joe a Lifetime Achievement Award, when Joe finally did need to retire because of his own health. There’s a plaque in City Hall to this day, and it says:

In Memory of Joe Cappelli

An Ordinary Man

Who Loved People

and Made a Difference


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The Fury in the Storm

mountain and wind

Is God in the fury,

of the winter storm?

We are used to the quiet,

the calm,

of gentle, whispering snowflakes,

you can hear the peace.

But what about the angry wind?

the howling,

and the ice stinging our faces?

the bone chilling,

life threatening cold.

I’m not a theologian,

but how can we explain,

the fury,

of the winter storm?

 Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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The White Wolves – Conclusion

white wolf looking right

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People in the 1700’s

As the young man Two Wolves, spoke with the wolf-spirits, he was amazed that they seemed to know everything about him, and that they genuinely cared about even the smallest details. The male wolf-spirit said, “It is good and right, for you to be in love with Songbird, never be ashamed of this”. The Creator cared about his love life? Tears came to the young man’s eyes, and they talked for some time.

It was dark by the time the wolf-spirits asked to talk to Standing on the Mountain. They spoke to him as the leader he was. Standing on the Mountain was not a proud, haughty leader. He was humble, and wise. The wolf-spirits complimented him and told him to continue to be the man the people needed as their spiritual leader. “Be the counselor, be the one the people turn to, for spiritual and relational matters.” “Many people will turn to you because of the wisdom you have been given”. They also mentioned that Cricket in the Meadow, would not be alive on the earth much longer. They asked Standing on the Mountain to please help Sky, and have the women of the village reach out to her, and accept her, as the new healer of the people, when the time

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came. “The Creator flows through her, in a powerful way”, said the male wolf-spirit.

When it was Thunder Speaking’s turn, he was told, “There are four other Ite (pronounced Ee-teh) people still alive, and they are searching for you”. The female wolf-spirit seemed to have great compassion for the Ite. “They have just begun their journey through the Great Mountains, and will need help finding their way.” “You must help them”. She also said, “Thunder Speaking, you will be a leader of people, but not just of one group, or people of just one language.” “You are to lead people that are different from one another”. Thunder Speaking was humbled by this, but said nothing. His heart started burning for his people.

They spoke many other things to the three men together. These things included what the men did not understand, until much later, about other people groups they would see, and learn about. Some would be victims of war. They would come to seek refuge, much the way the Grie people did, and Thunder Speaking had done.

It was very dark now, but the men were not afraid. When the men heard a twig snap, they all turned to see what the noise was. They did not see anything. When the men turned back to the white wolves, they were gone! So the three of them began to walk back to the village, in the dark, guided by the light of the moon.

They were too stunned to talk about what had happened. No one knew what to say. They knew though, that the Creator knew everything, and He cared about them as well.

They each decided on their own, not to say anything about what the white wolves had said. When they arrived back at the village they were asked where the deer were that they had gone hunting for. They simply shrugged and smiled. All three of them were glad to be home.

The very next day, Redwing went into labor……

village life

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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The White Wolves

from fineartamerica via google - two wolves

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People of the 1700’s

It was unusual to see a white wolf, yet alone to see two at the same time. The three men moved carefully now through the deep forest. Standing on the Mountain, Thunder Speaking, and Two Wolves, had gone out deer hunting. Now they felt hunted themselves.

In addition to be being white, the wolves were not hunting in a pack. The men could only see the two, and wolves did not hunt like that. And how did they move so quickly? Were they spirits? The men would be walking, careful to not make any noise, and see the two white images moving on their left. They would turn and speak softly to one another or make signals with their hands, and when they looked up the strange animals would be on their right. One thing was certain. They needed to turn around and turn back to the village.

The sun had not gone down yet, but the forest was getting dark. The three men got down low, and whispered to each other, conferring about what to do. They decided to go back the way they came, and quickly. They stood up to leave when the heard the first voice. “Please do not leave, we need to speak with you.” It was a woman’s voice. They looked around, saw no one, and then looked at each other. They walked briskly now, the way they came. Rounding a corner through thick trees, the three of them were shocked when they found their way blocked. The two white wolves were blocking the trail! They were also the largest wolves any of them had ever seen, at least 3 times the size of most wolves. bow and arrow

Instinctively the three men reached for their bows, but they did not draw them, or aim them. The woman’s voice spoke again, “Can we speak with you?” It came from the wolves! What choice did they have? They did not see their mouths move, but clearly the wolf on the left had spoken. The young man Two Wolves, knew something special was happening, and looked at the two men he was with. In his eyes he was pleading with them, to let him talk to the wolves. The two men nodded yes, and Two Wolves stepped forward. He was remembering another time he had experienced two wolves in the wilderness. Those wolves had not spoken to him, but he knew they had been sent to him that day. That was the day his name had changed, to what it was now.

“I am Two Wolves”, he boldly declared. The two wolves looked at each other, turned to the young man, and said at the same time, “Yes we know”. The white wolves spoke with the young man for a while, as the three men stood there. The wolves spoke, about the village, and that Redwing would have a child soon. She would be a beautiful child, that would make both of her parents very happy. They turned to the young man and said, “Two Wolves, you have an important job to do among the people”. “You are to be a peacemaker”. With that, the wolf with the woman’s voice asked the men, “May we talk to Two Wolves, alone?”

Standing on the Mountain, and Thunder Speaking were hesitant, and were considering the young man’s safety. Standing on the Mountain, asked the white wolves a question, “Are you spirits?” They did not expect the answer they received, but it did help them to relax. The female wolf said, “In a way yes.” “We have been sent from the Creator.” The male wolf also added, “It is much like when Thunder Speaking, received help from the black and white stallion”. With that the two older men backed up and felt that Two Wolves would be safe……

from Pinterest
from Pinterest

The Conclusion of The White Wolves very soon!

Blessings to you and Peace!

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