Leaving Planet Earth

new earth

Futuristic Microfiction

He only agreed to be part of the colony, because she was coming along. It was the year 2106, and humanity finally found a way to destroy themselves, and this time for good. Don and Beverly had to hustle to make it to the shuttle docking station in time. They were only given five hours to get there, and along the way strange things were happening in the atmosphere. It was part of the new warfare, done with ion weapons.

The ancient nuclear weapons had been dismantled, or left to leak and rot in their silos where they stood. The new weapons could literally ignite the sky, and set it on fire, destroying everything for hundreds of miles. As their vehicle flew above the ground at Mach one speed, they could see the explosions beginning from thousands of miles away. They made it to the shuttle station with just ten minutes to spare.

As the shuttle lifted off, they could see the destruction taking place below. Sections of the earth were lit up with the orange and pink glow of ionic fire. They tried holding hands and acting brave but they both began weeping. There were no more jobs, all of their friends and loved ones were gone. Part of them wanted to be there with them, but at least they had a chance now. The hour long flight to the sleeper ship, gave them time to think.

They had been selected by lottery, at least that was the propaganda presented. Don knew darn well he had been selected due to his expertise in spatial analysis. His wife Beverly, Dr. Beverly Anderson, had been selected because she was one of the foremost authorities on ancient horticulture. She could actually teach people how to grow their own food! This was unheard of on planet earth.

As they docked at their sleeper ship, they were herded like animals through a process of medical examinations, all done through robotics. They were also given injections, as part of the hibernation process. They held hands and wept some more. Then they were told they had fifteen minutes before the hibernation began.

They embraced. They gave each other the traditional Inuit greeting of putting their heads together, and touching face to face. It was from her culture. All he cared about was her. She longed for him. He wondered if they had time? She said no, but they said more to each other in those few minutes, than some people did in a life time. Much of it was with silence. “I’ll see you in 212.7 years sweetheart, God willing” “Yes”, she said. Neither one had ever met anyone else that expressed faith in a Creator.

Then it was time. As they climbed in to their individual chambers, he prayed like he never had before. He said, “Please….let me see her again…..”

 inside space ship

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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