The New Earth

close up planet

Futuristic Microfiction 

Xerxes 10 was a beautiful planet. The only question now was about the water. Would they able to drink it? That was the only test they could not do from 212.7 years away. The sleepers on board the Time Traveler II were now out of hibernation, and grateful to be alive. Don and Beverly had been awake for three days, and it had been a wonderful time of…..rejuvenation.

An unmanned exploration pod had been sent to the surface. The more than 200 people on board the Time Traveler II were anxiously waiting for it to return in order to find out the water testing results, as well as the other tests about their new home. Everyone was now calling the new planet the “New Earth”.

While they were waiting, the colonists held a number of joint meetings which included the formation of laws. They were quite simple really. War of any kind was illegal. All violence was illegal. Health care was available to everyone, it became the law. Not only was there no cost, there was not even a currency! Respecting other people was held as a very high value, but not made into law. The people would vote and have a say about issues that would come up in the future. And that was it, short and sweet.

When the exploration pod did return, the tests confirmed previous testing about the atmosphere. It was very pure, like living on a mountain on ancient earth. The soil was somewhat sandy due to the warmer temperatures, but was excellent for growing fruits, and nuts, and other plants. The water needed more testing though, it was similar to the water on earth, but no one knew what the effect would be until someone actually drank it. There was a bacteria in it that needed to be examined.

The Time Traveler II was an old ship now and they would soon have to leave the vessel. Electrical problems were a regular occurrence, and the colonists were getting anxious. They poured over test results constantly looking at everything they could find about the planet. There were a number of families on board and they were especially concerned about their children being safe.

Finally the marine biologist, and the bacteriologist, gave the go ahead to move. They would need to do more testing once they were on the planet, but for now they would need to boil the water, which was something no one had ever done before with fire. Beverly, Dr. Beverly Anderson, would show them how.

As Don and Beverly took their seats in the shuttle, there was anticipation in the air. This was a new beginning for all of them, and for all of humanity. There was a tangible excitement in the people. Don and Beverly sat next to each other and held hands (most people thought this was a strange custom). Xerxes 10 came into view through their window. They could see a lot of blues, and browns, which meant a lot of water, with a lot of desert and semi-arid land.

Don couldn’t help but say, as they made a banking turn, “I sure hope we get it right this time.” Beverly said, “Amen.”


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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    1. Your support Belinda means alot. Thank you so much my friend. Take care of yourselves though and don’t worry about wordpress. You are loved by many. Many blessings to you, including strength and peace!

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