The Strength of the Mountain

mountain and lake

There is a calling in each of us,

to find the mountain,

the treasure,

the place of beauty and peace.

In the mountain,

we can see past,

the pine trees, the oaks,

the owls greeting us,

beyond the physical,


in the crevices,

we can find the treasure,

buried in us.

If I look deep enough,

if I dig into my soul,

I find the answers,

walking through the serenity,

the rivers and streams,

rocks for strength,

I see clearly,

looking up,

there are no limits.

If there is a storm,

there is always a refuge,

a path,

that leads to His strength,

the source of life.

I want to live, in the mountain,

He has given me.


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

image from google

video from youtube


9 thoughts on “The Strength of the Mountain

  1. Lovely! I grew up in the country across the lake from a gorgeous mountainous provincial park. Certainly nature taught me to be quiet and peaceful enough to notice the awesome presence of our Creator. Climbing way up my favourite tree to pour my heart out as a kid, as I swayed in the wind, was a prayer before I knew what prayer was.

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