Wings III

Wings III

In spite of everything,

I am still flying,

up high,

war wounds, and scars,

cannot bleed anymore,

wings open to the wind,



above my problems,

is it my ability?

No it is the wind,

lifting me up,

under my wings,

His strength,


beyond all my power,

taking me places,

I never would have dreamed of,

strength to go above the storm,

yet gentle,

to coast on the breeze,

a clear day,

or cloudy,


on His love.

Check out this video – you will not be disappointed! Just amazing – watch the second bird too – flying through trees! Awesome!

By the way this is called Wings III because sometime ago I posted Wings and Wings II. They are still on the blog from January.

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

video from youtube

image from google

14 thoughts on “Wings III

  1. This is such a beautiful and empowering piece Nicodemas, the series has been a delight to read and this is my favorite. Peace and joy to you and yours! Holly ❤

  2. Very Inspiring! I love this one too.
    There is so much great stuff to read on your blog Nicodemas. I sometimes miss out on some. You are really blessed & Everytime I read I feel so good to know great writers like you. Thank you for sharing such great posts.

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