This is my entry for the Non – Love in More Than Ten Sentences challenge given to me by Holly over at heartafire. I really enjoyed this. I worked on trying something different, and I realize this is almost – sort of, kind of, close to a love poem, but not quite!

Holly writes amazing poetry, and you can find her at


Watching the old movie, High Noon,

for the 39th time,

studying, taking notes,

meant he was in college.

She spoke to him,

everyday after class,

they spent more than an hour,

in the hallway,

talking about Robert Frost,

he was never into Chaucer,

she thought Shakespeare was the best,

Browning, Robert Browning,

inspired him, more

than Elizabeth,

Did she smile at everyone,

like that?

What was she doing?

He was confused,

his mind in a fog.

She never hid,

behind her hijab,

she was real,

he was nervous about her family,

but he wasn’t going there,

then she bought him a book,


Did she smile at everyone,

like that?

“Fill your paper,

with the breathings,

of your heart.”

first page,

depths unreachable.

He wasn’t in love,

not quite, she was better,

than he was, for certain,

But he needed,

a clear mind,

he needed,

a science book,

or maybe even,

one on religion.

 open book

Note: This is about two college students. A non-Muslim guy is trying to figure out his emotions and how he should relate to a Muslim young lady. It is an experiment on my part!

The rules for this challenge are easy. The word love must be in the poem, at least once. You need an adjective such as “unavoidable”. There must be more than ten lines, and you need to link to my site with your poem. I really had fun with this. Thanks again Holly!

I nominate the following people if they are interested in participating. No pressure, only if you want to!

Saneh at sanehpandey

Saadia at reflection of a rainbow

Dom at black and write

Poetry and Commentary © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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