The First Date

coffee beans

Contemporary Microfiction

So why did he want to go out with her? He stood there in his dorm room, with the phone in his hand, breaking out in a cold sweat. She had asked him the question when he first called, and in a flash, his heart started pounding. “You’re the most unusual person I’ve ever met.” He was horrified he had said it, but there it was. His hand covered his mouth. He was stupid. On the other end, she paused, then said, “Ok, fair enough, see you on Saturday.” He was shocked! She said yes! He started doing the happy dance around the room.

On the other end she was shocked too. Guys rarely wanted to go out with her, unless they wanted to score. She was wild and she made no apologies for it. Was that it, with this one? He liked her because she was wild? She shook her head no. He seemed different somehow. He was strong and yet gentle at the same time. They had biology lab together every Tuesday. In their last class, she was dissecting a pig’s heart, when she noticed him staring at her hands. Her hands? Maybe he just liked Asians.

When Saturday came, he gassed up the car, and drove around to her dorm. He had the surprise ready too. When she came outside, he got out and opened the car door for her. Who did that anymore? He also surprised her with a single rose, from behind his back. “Surprise!”, he said. A flower? No one had ever given her a flower before. She said thanks and got in. She was hoping he didn’t see the tears in her eyes. Privately she was thinking, that he was giving to her, without trying to take from her. That was different for sure.

They had one thing in common for sure. They both wanted to see “Insurgent”, and it was early so it wasn’t crowded. They loved it! After the movie they sat in their seats for a while talking about it. They were both excited about how cool it was. He was thinking how he loved her smile! She was thinking how she really liked this guy. He was genuine.

He took her to the coffee shop next (after all he was a college student). After they sat down, he asked her about the environmental causes she was involved in. She opened up. If there was one thing she loved, it was fighting for the environment. He couldn’t help staring at her face. She loved the fact that he asked her about it.

Next it was her turn to ask about him. He hesitated, then quietly said, his family was real religious. Then he was quiet, staring at his coffee. She was surprised but went with it. “So how does that affect you?” she asked. He mentioned he did have faith in God, but he was just learning how to live now. He didn’t like how he was brought up. “Everyone was so harsh, and constantly judging people.”, he said.

He figured he had ruined the date now. It was over. “That’s one of the reasons I like you….you don’t judge people…” He couldn’t believe it came out of his mouth. She was stunned. She had tears in her eyes – for the second time today! But the truth was, they both relaxed after that.

They talked for hours. She never knew a guy could talk so much, and she loved that they were getting to know each other. When he drove them back to her dorm, they stood outside, talking again. When it was time to go, he gently took her hand, and kissed it, saying thank you for their time together. She smiled, and watched him as he walked away. He never asked, never made any move, to try and have sex. It was the third time today, that tears came to her eyes! One thing was certain, she was already looking forward to his next phone call.

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Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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15 thoughts on “The First Date

    1. Thank you Ngobesing! I appreciate your kind words. I liked writing this so maybe I’ll another one, and call it the “Second Date”. Blessings to you my friend!

    1. Cool! Thanks Lisa! I was thinking of doing another one with this couple called “The Second Date” but I don’t want to over do it or have them get boring. Blessings to you!

      1. I like the one where she was allergic to the flowers. I don’t think love can get boring. Lol. Just space them out. What I would love to read is more of that science fiction story you started. Now that was good stuff!!!

      2. Writing never ends!!! Whaaaaat? I’m pulling sister finger pointing stuff at you! So there! 😉

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