At Night

Horse at Night

At night,

the wild horses shift quietly,

breathing in the moonlight,

an occasional snort, and head shake,

watching the lights of the ranch,

with a weary eye,

wondering if they will be next,

broken or worse.

The buffalo have a memory,

pondering their history at night,

asking where the people are,

that use to give them honor,

singing and dancing,

around the campfire.

A lonely First Nations wife,

cries at night, sick with fear,


her angry husband, leaving again,

she watches the door, wondering,

if he will be alive in the morning,

she prays he will return, to his people.

An executive watches his wife,

sleeping at night in their mansion,

worried, did he do the right thing?

gone for weeks at a time,

does she even know him?

does he even know her?

He wants to love her again,

will it work?

He is hopeful.

A lot can happen,

out on the Great Plains,

in the quiet,

at night.

 moon at night

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

top photo from pinterest, bottom photo from google

13 thoughts on “At Night

  1. At night, I open the window
    and ask the moon to come
    and press its face against mine.
    Breathe into me.
    Close the language-door
    and open the love-window.
    The moon won’t use the door,
    only the window.”

    ― Rumi

    Beautiful poem dear brother, Wishing you much love and happiness.

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