The Truth About Wolves

white wolf

Wolves are not the vicious monsters, we sometimes think they are. They are wild animals, and they are carnivores, but very few wolves have attacked humans. Documented cases have shown that most wolf attacks come from sick wolves, especially when they are sick with rabies. Most of the bad press they receive, comes from wolves attacking livestock. Ranchers and farmers, understandably consider them a menace, cutting into their business.

from wyomingpublicmedia.orgThe Gray Wolf is the most numerous wolf in North America. It is also called the Timber Wolf, and Western Wolf, and is closely related to the Eurasian Wolf, which can be found in places like Iran. There are more than 37 sub-species of the Gray Wolf. This includes Black Wolves, and quite possibly the White Wolves, known as Artic Wolves.

Wolves are closely related to dogs, and are in the Canis family of animals. Wolves can successfully breed with dogs, coyotes, and even jackals. They produce fertile offspring in all of these cases. By the way, it is believed that Black Wolves receive their color from breeding through dog bloodlines. Half of the wolves in Yellowstone National Park are reported to be black. black wolf in snow

I have included a wonderful video of wolves singing, and talking to each other. We call it howling. Doesn’t the word “howling” sound scary? I wish these wolves were in the wild, and you will see a person in the film, but I have chosen it because of how beautiful the animals are, and the quality of the sound.

Wolves are also one of the most studied animals on the planet. Please listen to them sing!


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The Bridge


Your love has always been,

the bridge to the divine,

the brightest star,

the deepest ocean,

in my life,

the breath of the wind,

filling me, with understanding,

of what love really is,

surrendered, and giving,

the heart essence,

of who you are,

who He is.

Always giving,

helps me to see,

the Creator.

My Love, I pledge myself,

again to you,

no man, in his right mind,

would ever turn his back,

on the divine essence,

of your love.


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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The Second Date


Contemporary Microfiction

Note: This is a continuation of the story, The First Date, posted on April 11th. It is about a young couple, that are college students.

Their second date was disaster, well almost. They both wanted to go to the park, the one with the lake, and the paddle boats. That part was good, and everything was fine, until his car broke down, on the way there. Of all the times that this could have happened, why did it have to happen now? Fortunately he knew it was the alternator, from the way the car was acting, and they managed to coast into a gas station (the kind with a mechanic), just a mile from the park.

spiked asianAfter they waited for a while, the mechanic confirmed what Robert had thought. It was the alternator for sure. Fortunately, he had a credit card and could pay for it. So he and Amy walked to the park while the car was being fixed. He was embarrassed for driving such a junker, and was silently kicking himself, thinking the date was ruined. She thought he was cute, he knew stuff about cars, and he really wanted to get to the park. Would he kiss her there?

Once they got to the lake and boarded their paddle boat for two, they began to relax. Their conversation out on the water though was all about culture. It was bizarre, but in a good way. They discussed white culture, African-American culture, Asian cultures, and Asian-American culture which was way different than the culture she knew from Taiwan. She had family there, and opened up about them being so different than she was.Robert II

At one point she asked him point blank, if he had a “thing” for Asian women. He laughed nervously, and shook his head no. His face was beet red, when he looked at the floor of the boat, and said, “No, just one – Asian woman……” Tears welled up in her eyes. He did it again, he was always making her cry! She looked away hoping he wouldn’t see the tears. She was thinking, she would never ask something that stupid again.

Privately he was thinking how wonderful she was. She was gorgeous, but he loved her personality. She knew so much about the world! He wondered if she would teach him some Mandarin.

But then Robert kept looking at the floor, and said, “I think we have a leak in the boat!” Sure enough, water was everywhere. He asked if she could swim, and he wasn’t joking. She was shocked. He didn’t wait for her to respond, they quickly turn the boat around, and started heading back. The cracking plastic was a horrifying sound, and water began pouring in. He stood up, almost falling over, yelling “Help, we need some help out here!”

She did not know how to swim and was hanging onto Robert for dear life! The rescue boat made it to the two of them, just as the paddle boat disappeared under the water, never to be seen again. She grabbed the life preserver when it was thrown to them, and she held on with an iron grip. rescue boat

They were soaked, but back at the boat house, they were given a change of clothes. What a day this was! She was thinking how he had saved their lives, and he was still thinking she would never go out with him again, because everything had gone wrong.

As they walked to a secluded part of the park, they were quiet. She was thinking, how this guy was so different. There was not going to be any stuff like, trying to drink him under the table. He was so genuine and so gentle, yet there was this something underneath the surface about him. Was it…….yes it was……there was a strength about him she had never seen in anyone else. Her feelings for him….. well, her feelings for him scared her. What was she going to do about this?

He was thinking how beautiful she was with wet hair. As the two of them sat on a bench overlooking the water, he wanted to tell her more. Was it too soon to say it? Would he scare her off by being honest? He decided to take the bold approach. He said, “You know what?” She turned to him with a questioning look and said, “No, what?” “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!”, there he said it, half terrified.

She was speechless. He stood up, and walked a few feet away and stared at the water, wondering if he had made a mistake. She was thinking, he did it again! Tears flowed from her eyes. What was she going to do about this?

They did kiss for the first time that day, by the lake, but briefly. It was after all, only their second date.

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Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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mountain and lake

When I return to the mountains,

wholeness returns to me,

the windows of my soul,

can be opened, curtains,

pushed aside,

clouds dispersed, by the wind,

His breath of life.

I don’t even need my recurve bow,Spotted

or an Appaloosa,

all I need is my heart,

and two feet to carry me,

far above the clouds,


getting the big picture,

once again, truth happening.

The reality of deer,

shuffling quietly, the owl,

says, “Who?”

eagle flying“Who is near to you?”

an eagle soaring, close by,

giving me his wings,

of strength,


receiving the muscles of faith,

I walk it out,

as the seasons pass by,

in an instant, a cardinal sings,

a love song I remember,

reminding me, of My Love,

so as I sit on a rock, surrounded,red cardinal

by the pine trees, I realize,

there is more to life,

than contemplation.

I will return to the mountains,


but in the meantime,

in the valley,

I will let the creation,

flow through me,

and inspire me,

like wild horses running.

Thanks God.

Horses Running in Field

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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The Real Neat Blog Award


I’m very grateful to Saadia at Reflection of a Rainbow for nominating me for this award. What a blessing! Please check out her wonderful blog of poetry and fiction at

 This post could easily be called “A Look Inside Part II”. I am very thankful to all of you for reading my work. This award has the recipient share about themselves through a set of questions from the one who nominates. In addition to answering questions, the one nominated simply cites the name and blog of the one nominating. Now I will answer the questions Saadia has given me:

1. What is your ambition in life?

 My ambition is to be the best husband and father I can possibly be. This takes work sometimes, and can simply be a matter of investing time in my relationships. Compared to this, the type of work I do, really isn’t important, as long as our needs are met. Writing is important to me, and I am working on being a writer (meaning more professionally).

 I also seek to love God, and love my neighbor as myself. These are the Two Greatest Commandments. Love and compassion can change the world.

2. Do you have some ‘me’ time every day?

 mountains and lakeYes, I wish there was more of this time, because it is so essential. We gain strength for the journey, when we have time to reflect, or pray, or meditate, or to spend time in nature. I like doing all of these, but prayer time is each day. Time in nature, and long periods of contemplation, are less frequent.

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

 That’s a tough question, because I think I’m both. It simply depends on the situation. I can be quiet, reflective, and contemplative, and yet I can be quite talkative with friends! What would you like to talk about?

 4. Do you concentrate on your own inner world or the outer world?

 That’s similar to question 3, so the answer is yes! I do both, depending on the circumstances.

 5. Do you have a pet?

from pinterest
from pinterest

 Yes we have a dog. When I was a kid we had dogs and cats, but dogs are my favorite.

They are much more intuitive than cats! I know how to ride horses but we do not have one, or the space. I wish we did!

 If we did have the space, I would have either an Appaloosa, or a crossbred Quarter Horse/Draft Horse. Draft Horses come in different breeds, and are the heavy horses that pull things such as plows. This type of crossbreed produces power and strength, along with the speed and agility of the Quarter Horse, and they make an excellent trail horse!

 6. What is your pet hate?

 By this I think you mean, what do you dislike the most? That’s an easy one! People who are harsh and judgmental of others. They think they are right and everyone else is wrong! Do it their way or you are wrong. This can include some religious people, but a judgmental attitude comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors!

couple 2 7. What is your hobby?

 Ah, that’s another easy one. First there is my family. I say they are my hobby, simply because of spending time with them, or wanting to spend time with them, is so very important. My Love, the one I write about, is worth the investment!

 Then of course there is writing. I love writing poetry, fiction, and sometimes nonfiction (like writing about nature). I also like visiting other blogs and investing time with them. I love your work!

 If there’s one thing I would like to do more of, it is reading.

 So the neat thing about this award is I get to pick questions I can ask other people. So here are the questions:

 1. What do you like to read?

 2. What is the most wonderful place you have traveled to?

 3. Do you take your own photographs? What do you take them with?

 4. What is your favorite ice cream?ice cream

 5. Have you ever ridden an animal, such as a horse or camel?

 6. Do you have a hobby?

 7. Which do you like better, mountains or beaches?

Now for the tough part, who to nominate? I never know who has time, or who is open to doing this type of post. And there are so many bloggers deserving of recognition. So I have decided that anyone that wants to participate can! You don’t have to see your name below. But there are a few people I would like to recognize and nominate in particular:

 MichelleMarie – tell me about it

 Melanie – myvirtualplayground

 Holly – heartafire

mare and foal

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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two lions

If there is anything stronger,

than the courage of a lion,

it is the courage of two lions,

or three, or four.

I was once in a storm,

and a friend showed the way,

scars could heal,

winds and rain, descending,

but I saw His hand,

reaching through the clouds.

When you are strong,

I am strong,

we strengthen each other,

when you are grieving,

I am right there with you,


or placing my hand on your shoulder,

a prayer, a word to encourage,

whatever you need.

Theology doesn’t stand in the way,

doesn’t take away,

from the strength,

of friends.

Thank you for being there.

We can draw tremendous strength from friends. I love this Bill Withers song.

Have a great week!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Julie and Steven

greek food

If there ever was a woman he wanted to go out with, it was Julie. How did God create such a beautiful face? They worked on several projects together, in the same office. When she was moved to the cubicle next to his, they saw each other a lot more. He loved her personality! And then there was her laugh. She actually laughed at his corny jokes, and the sound of her laugh was so beautiful, it was like music to him.

There was only one problem, Julie was 7 months pregnant. Julie told him she had always wanted a child, and never found the right guy, so she and her mother paid for the medical procedure to be done. He loved her boldness, but was he ready for this?

He hesitated, he wasn’t sure what to do. How would they kiss? They had known each other for months, when late one Friday afternoon, Julie peeked around the corner with a big smile on her face, (wow, he loved that smile!) and said, “Hey Steven, you want to go out on a date….or something?” His jaw dropped. How did she know? He stammered but said, “Yes!”

They went out for pizza that night (she was having a craving for pizza!) and talked about their hobbies. She loved science fiction movies, while his favorite genre was action films. He found out that they both loved First Nations culture, and anything to do with it. For more than an hour they talked about the movie, “Dances with Wolves”, and why they liked it or didn’t like it. They were both convinced the book had a better ending. Was he falling in love with her?

By the fourth date he knew it for sure. He was not only in love with her – he was madly in love with her. They were at their favorite place – a Greek restaurant (lately she was having a craving for olives), when she said, she knew what he was thinking. “You are awful quiet tonight Steven, because you’re thinking…. am I ready for this…..meaning being a father.” He was shocked that she knew this, but he said it was true.

They talked about it a long time. He told her flat out how much he loved her, but this was all new territory for him. She loved him as well, and said, “I wish I had met you before I had the procedure done…” Before long they stood up to embrace, well sort of, working around her tummy, it was sort of a hug. They did kiss, right there in front of everybody, but not too much. When they sat down again, she said as she rubbed her tummy, “Maybe we could start a rumor at the office, and I’ll call the baby Steven”. They both laughed so hard they almost fell out of their chairs.

When it came time for the baby to be born, he was right there by her side. It was the most amazing miracle he had ever seen. He hadn’t been a praying man but he was that night. They both cried and embraced, when baby Steven was born. It was the three of them in the hospital room, and that is how they began their life together.

 mom and baby

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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