Lakota Music in the Wind

Snow Moon Tipi

When I hear the Lakota songs

the language,

I think of the wind pushing lodge smoke,

up into the sky,

and the hands of time reversed,

to when the earth was new,

not old and dirty.

Where mothers held their children,

singing lullabies,

and men sharpened their arrows,

dreaming of the next hunt,

food for the people.

Grandmothers, and grandfathers,

told stories then, teaching the people,

about love and honor.

There were no rifles yet,

and young children could run safely,

not worried about sickness or death,

medicine men, and medicine women, brought healing.

The people alive,

maybe it was not paradise,

but at least their spirits were free,

and their culture flourished.

I love hearing, Lakota music in the wind.

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

video from youtube, music by Earl Bullhead, artwork copyrights by original artists

image from pinterest

16 thoughts on “Lakota Music in the Wind

  1. After reading your poem I an awe of your sentiment and your fine poetry. You are truly a talented poet!

  2. Beautiful poem Nico and the First Nations’ music always give me chills. Every summer I go to at least one Pow Wow in the area. There is so much beauty and spirit in their culture!

    1. Thank you Bella! Yes, I love going to pow wows, and highly recommend them. You’re right about the beauty and spirit of their culture. Blessings!

  3. I love the white wolf and the white pony and rider. They are beautiful and speak to the soul. The Lakota music/singing is from another place…a place between this reality and the other…the in-between — you can hear it –it’s there.

    And about the dark and light…in the desert, where there is constant light, barely anything can live. You can’t look at the sun, but the dark can sooth and you can look at the stars and the moon. Both are needed for balance and one isn’t bad and the other good. We make that stuff up out of fear and lack of understand. Once we decide (as a people) that dark is evil or bad, it’s hard to get that thought out of our world view. We make EVERYTHING up. Nothing was here when we came…we did this…we label…we fear…we hate…we don’t get it and we believe the stuff we make up is REAL and it’s not. It’s only prejudice and ego that makes it so.

    1. Thank you Gigi! I especially like your comments about the Lakota music. I see your points about light and dark, but I think it is ok to say you or I are having a tough time, and that is a dark time. Nature teaches us many things and yes we need both – but i will always enjoy the light better. That’s completely natural. Blessings to you.

      1. Understandable. In Chicago is seems as if it’s always dark and it drives us all crazy…LOL Really, people are miserable, especially in the winter…we need some of everything. 🙂 No doubt about it. I’m a sun bunny myself and could lay on a rock for hours, just soaking up the rays. But I also love the cool evenings with the sparkles dotting the beautiful sky:)

  4. The music grips my soul, and I don’t know anything about the meaning. No wonder you were inspired to write a poem of tribute to Lakota music and culture, Nico! There are some incredible paintings in the video – I would like to find out more about them, too. Thanks for telling the story of “the hands of time reversed, to when the earth was new.” ❤️

    1. Lakota is the name of the people we used to call Sioux. Sioux is a French word, but th people call themselves Lakota. They are one of the largest tribes in North America. Navajo and Cree are the other two. Thank you so much. Should I call you Sunnyside or do you have another name? Peace and have a great week.

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