Dreamwalker V – The Desert

desert in the sunset

Contemporary Microfiction

Now that they were out here, he realized it was a stupid idea. What was he thinking? They were about two hours from any shelter, walking, and trying to talk to each other in the blistering sun! Burning up was an understatement. What dumbness was this?

As they stopped for another drink of water, he suggested they turn back. A smile of relief came over her face. Thank God. He was concerned that he had ruined more than just the one day. They also wiped themselves down as best as they could. Why did he bring her here? This is something you do for a vision quest, not for getting to know the one you love! As they headed back down the trail they had just climbed, he was grateful that he gotten one thing right. He had listened to Linda, when she said she preferred staying in a lodge, instead of camping in a tent.

They were staying in a beautiful log cabin bed and breakfast, known as the Antler Inn, run by an elderly woman that had a lot of spunk. The owner’s name was Amy Charles, a widow of some fifteen years. She made the place feel real homey, and cooked some of the best fried chicken they had ever tasted. He mentioned to Linda, Amy’s fried chicken, as their boots kicked up a lot of dust. They both started walking faster!

Fortunately, they got back to the lodge during the hottest part of the day. Amy had the AC running full blast and some cold lemonade waiting for them. Once they were cleaned up, they enjoyed a wonderful meal with Amy (they were the only guests).

When they made it over to the living room, Linda had the idea of reading together, actually reading to each other. She had a surprise for him. She went to the room, and came back in a hurry with two gifts, both wrapped in expensive looking wrapping paper. When he unwrapped them, he was shocked and his eyes filled up with tears. She remembered! There was a book from Rumi he had not read yet, and a book by Gibran, he had never even heard of, his two favorite authors!

They spent two hours in Amy’s living room reading out loud, taking turns. He was even more in love with her now, as he stared into her face, listening. She was thinking the same thing, when he read. As he reached for his glass of lemonade, he knew he was the most fortunate man alive. There was nothing better than reading Rumi, and Gibran, with the most beautiful woman on the planet! Ok, well……. there was almost nothing better.

 log cabin

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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