The Old Stone Fort

Maine and More 247

On the other side of the window,

down the grey, damp hallways,

you can hear the echoes, of chains rattling,

and the whispers of ghosts,

shackled in regret.

Occasionally the camera of a tourist,

will pick up a stray image, unseen,

to the eye.

If you listen carefully,

you can hear the moaning, the lamenting,

of history’s blood.

Regardless of the flags they carried,

the ghosts declare,

“we should have never had slavery”

“we should have never harmed,”

“the first people”,

forever and ever declaring,

“we should have never destroyed,”

“their cultures”,

and the noise of their chains,

rattles down the grey, damp hallways,

of the old stone fort,

for eternity.

Blessings to everyone and peace!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

8 thoughts on “The Old Stone Fort

  1. Thank you for this powerful message. Yes, all of mankind shares some terrible & terrifying history. But I feel it’s important to be aware of it, and do our best to not repeat the same mistakes. It’s easier said than done I know, but if all of us could make even just a small effort…imagine how much better this world could be…

    1. Takami your words are powerful! Thank you for your comments my friend. I agree completely. The world would be so much better. Peace and blessings to you!

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