Rumi – Finding Our Way Home

Mountains and Rivers 238

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.

J. Rumi

I love this quote by Rumi. Does everyone have a light in their heart? I think it is there only if we choose to have it. How else can we explain evil? Where does the light come from? I’m not a theologian, so I don’t know if it is within you when you are born, or if you have to allow the light to live in you. Maybe it’s both. But I do know, that when we have light in our hearts, we can become so energized for the positive, that it changes us. The things we do and say will all be affected by the light. Light can either reduce the darkness, or even eliminate the negative completely. It is up to us.

I think what Rumi is saying here, is that the light helps us to find our way home. The light will guide our lives, to where we should be. It will help in our thinking and actions. First and foremost the heart is aware of love when there is light, and that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. The light also guides us to a strong sense of peace. Where could there be a better place to live, than to live in a home (or place) of peace? Our hearts are where we live. Our hearts are where we belong.


Blessings to everyone and peace!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Commentary and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

18 thoughts on “Rumi – Finding Our Way Home

  1. The meaning of Rumi is that if u believe in the existence of Allah then you will find a way to Him and Home means life here after, the real home of mankind(the paradise) and inşaAllah we will go to paradise ❤

    Beautiful reminder Brother !!

    1. Thank you Sister Semra. Rumi was a man of faith, he was also a tremendous poet. I believe we can look at poetry from now and the past and see it differently than each other. It is good to know his roots, and they ran very deep. God can give us light I believe in different ways.
      Peace and blessings to you!

  2. I love Rumi’s quote like many more of his. Also I like your interpretation. Since the light of our heart shines from our heart it will always lead you back to the core we are.

  3. I love this Nico, you said it very well! The Light or the Spirit of God is within us when we are born, but because of the original sin it is dormant and unawakened. Once we accept God and His Light into our heart, the Spirit awakens and it starts working in our heart, preparing it, teaching it to forever dwell in the Light. God Bless You Friend! ❤

  4. well said Semra ji, Allah is light, light is energy, power, hope and love and all these are pious pure and powerful.Every one born is born with Allah’s light but time environment either brightens it or dims it. You are a pure soul brother 🙂 we shall meet in paradise inshaAllah– have you read the book
    40- Rues of love by Elif Shafak ? its a must read

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