A Quiet Walk

Maine and More 504

Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It will nurture your mind, body and soul.

Anthony Douglas Williams

 Have you ever taken a walk, so you can think something through? Maybe someone upset you, or you had a decision to make, and walking helped calm you down, or helped clear your thoughts. What was it about nature though, that brought about the change?

Is nature just an energy force, something ambiguous we can’t quite describe? Some with faith say God created nature, and that’s all there is. Yet, if we are really honest with ourselves, there is a presence in nature, that we don’t find anywhere else. It is true, much depends on the person’s frame of mind, but when a person is quiet in nature, the nurturing does take place. Maybe that’s why many call the earth our mother. Our mind receives nurturing, our body becomes relaxed (not to mention the benefit of exercise), and our inner most person is given peace.

Take a quiet walk today, and you will receive more than you can imagine. Blessings!


This is part of a 3 Day Quote Challenge given to me by Kavita at KVision, and Elisabet, at An Elephant Named Buddha. Thank you! I love quotes.

Commentary and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Blessings to everyone, and peace!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

28 thoughts on “A Quiet Walk

  1. Such a lovely message, I walk most every day, the weather is becoming insufferably hot but so far I still manage to get out there…don’t know how long that will last this summer, never seen it so warm, even here.

    1. The early mornings are good for beating the heat, and in the evenings. Sunsets and walking go great. I sometimes walk at night, but not in the woods! Owls hate that, and we do have a few bears close by! Thank you Holly and peace!

  2. I live in the country-side and I do try to walk daily for about 1h… the French author Montaigne said:“Nature can and makes everything…” well, we all think that we watch NATURE, but maybe NATURE also watches us… 🙂 as a Darwinian-Cartesian(or vice-versa!), I’ve adopted the 10 Commandments of the Native Americans: 🙂

    1. The Earth is our Mother, care for Her.
    2. Honor all your relations with your fellows.
    3. Open your heart and soul to the Universal Spirit.
    4. All life is sacred, treat all beings with respect and tolerance.
    5. Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.
    6. Do what needs to be done for the good of all.
    7. Speak the truth but only for the good in others.
    8. Follow the rhythm of Nature: rise and retire with the sun.
    9. Take full responsibility for your actions.
    10. Enjoy life’s journey, but leave no tracks; look after the well-being of Mind and Body…

    1. Wonderful Melanie! Your comments are amazing. Yes, I’m familiar with these commandments. Sounds like you have another post brewing, or have done this already? My friend you have blessed me in a big way. Peace and all good blessings to you.

      1. Yes, they take you longer distance than walking and you almost feel the nature as closely as you do when you are walking! I absolutely miss those days!

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