Flag Waving

Maine and More 232

I love my country. Most of us do, unless we live under a dictatorship. We have so many freedoms here, including the freedom to worship the way we choose, or to choose not to worship at all. Regardless of where we live, our country is a part of who we are. However, I have two big concerns about the United States.

The first concern I have is prejudice. I am shocked, horrified, and disgusted. Hatred towards any group of people is wrong. I simply can’t believe that in 2015 we have such a horrible problem. Do we really have the right to criticize other nations, when we have such hatred in our own backyard?

Secondly, I am concerned about the lack of compassion here. There is simply not enough, of caring about people. I thank God for government programs to help people. Many people hate the idea of paying more taxes. If it was your mother in the nursing home, or if your wife needed an operation and couldn’t afford it, would you be so concerned about taxes? Of course not. I’m sure that a lack of compassion has happened over a period of time, but we need to reverse this trend. Maybe it’s from focusing on our hand held devices and TV, so often, that we’ve forgotten people are people.

Still, it’s ok to love your country, and to do some flag waving. Maybe we can do so, keeping in mind where we need to change, and work towards making our world a better place.





Commentary and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Blessings to everyone!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

13 thoughts on “Flag Waving

  1. Your concern re prejudice is one that troubles me terribly also. If we look to nature we can see so much variety and it’s all so beautiful. If we were all made the same it would be so boring! I can’t understand why we have such a problem with diversity. Diversity is beautiful!

    And yes, there is certainly a disconnect when it comes to caring for others. However I think this problem is two-fold: I personally am more hesitant to extend help as there are so many instances where those asking are scammers in disguise. Sad, I know, but the once bitten twice shy rule applies here I believe. Secondly, there is huge mismanagement of funds collected by charities and even government agencies — funds meant to help those in need go to those who have figured out how to scam the system. Therefore those who really need help the honest way don’t get it. Again, SAD! Here is where the government then raises taxes to make up the shortfall in funds and the ugly cycle begins again. The system needs a makeover!

    1. Thanks for reading, and taking the time to write these wonderful comments! I so appreciate your compassion for others. I do think that some of the stories we hear about on the news regarding abuse of funds is done by Republicans in order to slam Democrats and gain more votes for the cause of fighting taxes, and thus fewer people get the help they need. It is propaganda. I stay clear from politics. But aside considering the taxes, there is alot we can do to help others. Nursing homes are a great place to visit. Some organizations bring pets and children there to cheer up the patients. Peace my friend and every good blessing.

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