Thoughts About Love

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“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together.”

Author Unknown

We all love, love. Love is our lifeblood, and helps us to make sense of this crazy world. It’s no wonder that love is the most talked about, and most written about topic. I believe there is love at first sight, but regardless of the relationship, love takes work as well. We need to invest ourselves, our time, our hearts, into the other person. We need to see them as more important than we are. It’s a matter of giving, the giving of a wonderful gift – ourselves. Hopefully the other person does the same thing, and if not the relationship begins to fall apart.

We know there is the physical part of love. We were designed that way! How boring life would be without it. In addition to the fireworks, we do need to have a sense of commitment to the other person. Life can be tough sometimes. It is during those tough times, that love can come shining through the storm, or like the sun burning away the fog. If we want to walk away, when our love gets sick, then that’s not love. It might be something else instead of love. The two of us need to face the battle together. When we do, love grows even stronger. Difficulties are opportunities, to draw close, and to work as a team. If two people are committed, love can grow even stronger over time. That’s why seeing two old people, still in love, is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.





Commentary and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Blessings to everyone. 

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

22 thoughts on “Thoughts About Love

  1. Last line is truly cool. But I don’t think everytime a relationship needs to give time and all that you said. This is just being careful about love, if we use our mind for love i don’t think that is love. some time we just have to follow our heart.

    1. Yes I see your point. Sometimes it’s good to be cautious, especially if we’ve been hurt in the past. Following our heart though I think includes giving ourselves away. I have done that with love and we are still going strong after many years. Peace and be blessed.

      1. Oh that’s great and you are telling with your experience then I totally respect this. I am going to try this Love with Caution.
        Thank you

  2. Me too! I love seeing two old people together. My family has longevity of marriage. One Auntie married 61 years the other 52 years, all of my Uncle have been married over 30+ years. But also it’s not only marriage but any relationship that is based on Love like a close friend can last for years. 2 of my best friends one I’ve had since middle school when we were 13 and then there over when I moved to Tulsa so over 25+ years. Longevity it a blessing when you love with all you got! It gets very bumpy and there is deaths, death to flesh, ego, sometimes actual physical death but I believe what we see now is the house our spirit lives in! The real us is peeping through the eye holes saying come on and love me you won’t be sorry! LOL That last part was a joke! We are all called to love, question is will you! It will cost you everything but it’s so worth it! I love that! I love this post and well I pretty much love everything even the bad things that happen I love the good that God brings out of it! ❤ Hope that made sense! Oh and I love that rose! It's beautiful my friend! WooHoo for Love! 🙂

    1. Thank you MichelleMarie for your awesome comments! You are truly blessed, and you are a blessing to others. You’re right it’s a choice to love others, and sometimes we get hurt, but we can forgive and move on. Peace my friend and every good blessing!

  3. love is not love if it doesn’t last as love is the base of creating of this universe. it was decorated with flowers meadows, plains, mountains rivers other living things, moon and the stars and beautified to please the humans to love live enjoy and let others do the same. But we didn’t get the message of the Creator and forgot the message of love spoiling the face of the beautiful mother planet so dooms day is but to occur and blast everything

    1. Wow, Tanveer your comments are so wonderful. It’s true we are not learning our lessons. I especially love your comments about love giving us this wonderful planet to enjoy. Peace and every good blessing to you sister.

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