First Friday – Psalm 91

Mountains and Rivers 393

Psalm 91: 1-4

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress,

my God, in whom I trust.’

Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare,

and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with His feathers,

and under His wings you will find refuge;

His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”


These verses are some of my favorites. The whole Psalm is filled with strength giving words. One thing to remember about the Psalms, is that they were actually songs, and had music with them. I would love to hear the music of the Psalms, that once played!

Clearly the Psalmist is encouraging us to have the Almighty, the Creator, as our shelter. It is a choice, and has always been a choice. When we do choose to trust, He helps and strengthens us. I love the poetry of being covered with His feathers! By the way, a fowler is one who catches birds, and the connotation about the fowler is very negative, so the Psalmist can illustrate the Creator protecting us.

So what about people that have no faith? Is God only concerned about people that believe in Him? No of course not. Although these verses are meant to strengthen and encourage, those that believe in Him, He cares about each one of us!

Think of it this way: Every time I wake up, that is God blessing me, and protecting me. Whenever I cross a street, or drive my car, and don’t get killed, that is God blessing me and protecting me. These illustrations do not depend on my faith. We all live every day. So what about when bad things do happen?

We’ve all seen innocent people suffer. There are times when it just does not make sense. But I want to trust in Him even during the terrible times, even when I do not understand. That’s where faith comes in. I may not ever understand, but these verses are meant to encourage us that there is an All Powerful, the One Who is Almighty, and that it is good to be in His care. When we are in His shelter, we can find rest. I know this is true, from personal experiences in my own life.

Note: The best book I have seen about suffering, is by C.S. Lewis, called the “Problem of Pain”.

Commentary and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Bible quote from the New International Version

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

19 thoughts on “First Friday – Psalm 91

  1. I really enjoyed this bit of devotion. Had never given much thought to what ‘fowler’ meant so I appreciate that tid bit 🙂

    It’s so wonderful to know and understand that even if someone doesn’t believe in God He still cares and extends grace of life and the freedom to choose. I often refer to God as the ultimate parent who loves all His kids unconditionally because they are His and He wants wants best for ALL of them.

    Great post. Blessings to you and the family for a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you for your wonderful comments! Yes, it’s so true about His unconditional love. Have a wonderful weekend, blessings and peace to you.

  2. Hey my friend this is one of my favorites Lisa and I were just discussing this Psalm isn’t that so amazing??! Yay for like minds! Blessings to you my friend and for a lovely weekend! 😄😄

  3. I love that line, “It is a choice, and has always been a choice.” It a choice for Him, as well. When God extends His love to those who do not love Him in return, He is illustrating how much greater His nature is than our own.

    With all the fires in California, at the moment, I was reminded of an account by a firefighter. Evidently, he was walking through an area destroyed by fire, and came across a dead bird. An owl, I think. The owl was perched — still lifelike — at the base of a blackened tree, with its wings outspread. The firefighter was puzzled that instinct would not have driven the bird upward, toward fresh air, while it still a chance to escape.

    As the firefighter walked closer, the reason revealed itself. The bird’s body appeared to stir, then collapsed in on itself — uncovering three chicks, alive but too young to fly. Their mother had sacrificed her life for them.

    1. Anna I love this! Just amazing. I was thinking how we do things sacrificially too for our children, simply because we love them. And we are also created in His image. So we get this trait of sacrifice from Him. Thank you my friend. Peace and every good blessing. I was out all day and just got your message.

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