A Quote and a Poem

ML King


When our descendants look back at us,

what will they see?

Will they see people filled,

with compassion?

Or will they see school children,


trying to hold on to coins,

saying “mine!”

worrying about taxes.

Will they see open hearts,

working hard, sweating,

to make a difference?

Or will they see us,

with hatred, destroying?

It’s not too late,

there is still time.

God have mercy on us.

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

image from google, quote from Dr. Martin Luther King

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

19 thoughts on “A Quote and a Poem

      1. At least I try it seriously but from my heart. The wonderful thing is, that I am not alone but that I am surrounded by wonderful people like you who are doing the same in their way 🙂

  1. Great quote! I agree that the important thing is not so much giving the coin (although it’s a start) but enabling the beggar to make their own money by providing the structures and education they need to do so. Compassion would want to empower them to provide for themselves, as this is the way for them to feel self-worth and a sense of purpose. Grass-roots training, rather than top-down handouts make more difference in the long run I think.

    1. Wonderful thoughts Anna. I love this. What you are suggesting though costs money, time, and effort. I so hope we move in that direction or do more of it. Thanks, and peace.

      1. Nico, you might like some of the grassroots projects organized by Lincco:

        “LINCCO gives Canadians the opportunity to make a lasting difference in developing countries.

        LINCCO partners with local non-governmental organizations to provide skills training in developing countries in such fields as community health, hygiene, micro-business and literacy. These skills improve the lives of the trainees and the lives of the people around them.

        Our successful endeavours foster sustainable development and the creation of just societies in which families are able to thrive and human rights are respected.

        We hope you will join us in making a difference.”

        Here is the link: http://lincco.org/site/en/

        They have done some beautiful things like training women in poor Philippine countryside to be health care providers in their communities (rather than only flying in doctors to admitted a few vaccines). This is a huge long term help with infants and mothers especially, who have very little access to hospitals or doctors. There are many more projects on the site.

        Working together, we can make more change than we can imagine.
        Anna 🌷

      2. Anna I am so blessed by this! Thank you, thank you. I am close to tears, yes we can make a difference! Again thank you. Peace my friend and every good blessing.

      3. Ah, thanks Nico! I’m so glad you found it inspiring! So do I!

        I think when we realize every bit counts, we will feel more empowered to help out in the little ways we can, even if it’s things like forgoing a movie or dinner out, and donating that money to a charity that enables the less financially fortunate to have more of a chance.

        😌 Anna

  2. you know what I read mother Teresa’s book No Greater Love and she said that if we want to give and show love let it start at home with our families! I know in my family there are some that do this and some that don’t but either way I think the good out weighs the bad my friend! Look at all the lovely giving friends we have here like yourself! 😄

    1. MichelleMarie thank you for your beautiful comments! Yes here in this community we have alot of good hearts. In society I don’t think as much. Thank you for your compliment. I know you make the world more beautiful with your posts! Peace.

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