A Few Thoughts on Writing Fiction

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Fiction is a hard sell. In other words, poetry, photography, and art, are going to do much better in the blogging world, than a piece of fiction, but there is a simple, and wonderful reason for that. There are so many incredible blogs, with such outstanding work, that we long to take it all in. So if you do like I do, I go through the reader, just amazed, and I go on to the next post quickly.

Fiction takes a lot of time to read, and when we post it, we are asking the reader to invest time in us, and our work. So with that in mind, I try to keep my segments short. I would like them to be a little over four hundred words, but they always go over it. I cringe when I start hitting six hundred words, because I know I need to make it worth the investment the reader is making.

But I love, love, writing fiction. Several of you have asked me to continue with the Last People series, and that is a huge thrill for me. I am enjoying this series more than any other series I have written. The two main characters are so different from one another, and yet they love each other in amazing ways. I wanted it to be that way. It also gives me a wonderful opportunity to explore culture. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know how I love other cultures and people!

By the way, Robert and Belinda, from the Escape series, wanted me to tell you hello. They are still down in the Dominican Republic, and working on getting married. Don’t expect to get a postcard from them though, they are going to be busy!



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Blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”


21 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on Writing Fiction

  1. I agree with you that fiction is hard to sell. Once I tried to write one of my novel in word press, and noticed that nobody was interested in it. Thank you for opening the eyes of people about fiction.

  2. I love your blog Nicodemas! Your stories inspire and make people think. I understand about the time issue though. But I agree that your stories bring readers back to you. When I moved, I lost my list of follows and I was so happy to find you under my stats page again. Keep writing those stories!

  3. I really enjoy your writing and stories Nicodemas. Most days my Reader has over 100 posts to get through, so it’s hard for me to take the time necessary to get fully engaged and yet when it’s under 400 words I can get through it and feel I haven’t cheated the author. Hope you keep right on writing and posting.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog, Nico. It’s true that online readers prefer short pieces. The online reading community originally functioned as a media device, making high numbers of followers important as well. I follow fewer blogs than I read. I have more time to read for enjoyment that way, and still click random likes on blogs I’m exploring.

    1. Thank you Laine Anne. Yes I understand. There is so much talent out there too, of all kinds. I am grateful for you reading my work, and for your presence here. Peace!

  5. I think, writing and selling is never easy… It always a trial of sorrow, writer’s blocks, blank pages, wordless thoughts, cries, up-all-nights, red eyes, no sleep, much coffee, and the triumph over finished, polished work.
    My guess, keep loving your work..every word, breathing your passion and your voice in each story. It does take some time for people to realize the talent and to hear the voice of the story, and then people will buy the book…in time; recommend it. Time and passion of producing a good-quality story are the main components…

  6. As a new blogger, I believe writers much like yourself who love to write has already accomplished the first step, the love. The other hurdle is getting others to read what you have written but again you need not worry, good content is all that matters. For me the word count is not an issue, I will read whole day if it’s worthy. I believe people will keep returning once your material is constantly good. Best of luck to you.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments! You are right, loving the work is the first step. Thank you for your presence here too. Peace and blessings to you.

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