The Wedding Day Picture

Paiute Couple on thier Wedding Day 1929

A Prose Poem

He hated the whites that wanted to take their picture, here, on their wedding day. Did they have to own everything? Why couldn’t they just leave the first people alone? But still, when they offered him 50 cents, he thought he should take it. He could buy her some nice clothes with that money.

It was difficult to know what to do about these new people, and it was difficult for a man, when he couldn’t hunt. He didn’t mind working on the ranch though, driving cattle, it was a good life. For one thing he was outside, the way the Creator meant it to be.

As long as the two of them were together, that meant more than anything. And maybe someday they would have children, and he could teach them some of the old ways.


Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Photo of a couple from the Paiute Nation, yes on their wedding day, source: Pinterest

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

7 thoughts on “The Wedding Day Picture

  1. *tears* The sadness in this woman is so tangible. What the white man did to the Indians was deplorable.
    Nico, you have too many tags. That is why you are not showing in my reader. WP rules are: no more then 15 tags per post (inclusive of categories) and if you go over, your post will not show in WP reader. Adjust your tags and you will see you will get more traffic, I promise. You SO deserver more people over here. You are amazing. Pass this Gift forward when you see someone else who has too many tags. (smile) Love, Amy ❤

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