The Last People on Earth XXIII – A New Life

Growing Up and More 097

“Mommy I’m hungry.” As Cathy drove through the beautiful farm county of Central Pennsylvania, her 8 year old daughter, had just about reached her limits. “Eat another cracker sweetheart, we’re almost there”, Cathy reassured her. “They’re gone Mommy!” “The crackers are gone!”. Cathy had no words after that.

She was in the right town, if you could call it that, and she was even on the right road. But Stevenson Lane, was not just a lane. It was a road that was more than seven miles long, and all the farms looked the same to her. She stopped in the middle of the road, put the car in park, and held her head. She was exhausted, from getting just three hours of sleep, and the hunger was starting to take her strength. “Mommy, are you ok?” Cory looked worried, as if she was carrying the burden, for the both of them.

“Yes….I’m…..” Her words trailed off because she saw something moving on her left. It was way in the distance, in front of the farm house. Was that a person? It was moving, and it did look like a person! She put the car in drive, and headed straight for the driveway. This had to be it! It just had to be.

She drove slowly through two sets of gates. She wasn’t sure what to expect, so she felt for the pistol in her purse and took it out. It was a farm for sure, a beautiful place. She decided to park the car about a 100 yards away, and to be quiet as they approached. As she took Cory out of the car, Cathy whispered, “Let’s be quiet as we go up, ok?” “We don’t know these people yet.”

Inside the house the labor was in full swing. Another wave of contractions was hitting, and Miriam was right next to Jennifer saying, “Ok breathe!!” “Breathe Jennifer”. “Ahhhhhheeeeeeooeee” was Jennifer’s response. Jeremiah wasn’t used to delivering babies, let alone in a house, instead of a hospital. But he was doing the best that he could. They were so close now.

Miriam said in her French-African accent, “Jeremiah, I am certain I saw a vehicle, I mean a car, on the road.” “Not now Miriam, I’m busy…..go and check if you want”, Jeremiah said, as he attempted to see where the baby’s head was. Miriam left in a hurry, and went outside. As she opened the door, she saw Cathy and Cory, walking up. They were about 20 yards away. Then Jennifer let out another scream, Cathy heard it, and stopped dead in her tracks.

Horrified, she reached for her purse, and pulled out the .357 magnum. She didn’t know what was taking place, and there was a human being inside screaming, maybe she was being tortured. Cory hid behind her mother. Cathy pointed the pistol directly at Miriam, and yelled, “Stop where you are!” “Are you a machine or a human?” Miriam was so shocked she couldn’t speak. Cathy heard another scream, from inside, “Ahhhhheeeeeeoooooeee”. It was unbearable and Cathy wanted to pull the trigger. Cory yelled “Mommy!”

Just then Jeremiah, jumped out of the front door, saw Cathy and the gun. He instinctively stood in front of Miriam. He yelled, “Lady I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but if you want food, there is plenty in the fridge!!”. “Right now I cannot stay and talk, there is a lady in here having a BABY!!” With that he and Miriam went inside, and left the front door open.

Cathy lowered the pistol. Her face went from ten shades of red, to ashen white, as she realized she had almost killed a person, because of her own fear. She felt awful.

Jacob Wong was born at exactly 8:26 am, straight into the arms of Jeremiah, who cleaned off his face, and made sure he began to breathe. He handed him over to Jennifer who cried with great tears of joy, “I have a son, I have a son!!!”

Mother and Son


Writing and  Top Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Bottom Image from via google

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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