Be the Soul – by Rumi

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“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.”


To say that I love the poetry of Rumi, would be an understatement. However, this 13th century poet, was also a jurist, a mystic, a scholar, and…..well……he was a Muslim. There I said it, he was a Muslim. I’m not a Muslim, but he was. So what’s the big deal about that?

Seeing his writing shakes my theology to the core, or rather the theology that I did have. Back just a few years ago, I was a fundamentalist, and believed that unless you believed as I did, you had no chance with the Creator. You were doomed. So Rumi, and other bloggers that I know and appreciate, have had a huge part in a transformation of my thinking. I love and respect all people.

I am amazed now, and blessed, at how the Creator uses people of all faiths, and people with no faith, to create such beautiful art and writing. Since people were created in His image, we are all capable, of great art, great love, and we can all help to change the world.

The most recent example of putting love in action, (that just amazes me), is Austria opening its doors and helping the flood of refugees. Wow, that is so powerful, and so life changing to so….so…. many. This is also proof of the power of love, and it proves what Rumi said. Wherever we stand, we can be the soul of that place.

I wish you Peace.


Commentary and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

26 thoughts on “Be the Soul – by Rumi

  1. That gave me chills, Nicodemas. Wow!!! Goose bumps! That was so powerful what you wrote. And when I read the quote in the beginning I thought immediately of the happenings of the past days.
    I live next to a Catholic church and was raised Catholic but I am none of it except the basic idea that God is our creator. God did not make religions, men did. And men tried to define Him and to act “in His name”. All religions have their basice idea to realign with God, but all have some different ways. I am intrigued by some religions or actually their view of God and life, most of all the Buddhism. But in the end there is no religion that completely captures what I believe. And that is clear, because I am an individual with an individual path to God. Religions can help us to find a new connection to God but they are basically not necessary to be connected. We all feel that connection to God in so many things, in a person we love, in a sunset, in the smile of a child. As soon as we released ourselves from believing what a religion tells us, we start to believe what our soul tells us. And this soul is part of The Almighty.
    Oh, sorry,that was just pouring. Your post was so inspiring, Nicodemas. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    1. Of course I don’t mind! I can see your views in your writing, and each of us is an individual. Many who hold to a certain faith would disagree with you, but we can all still love one another. And that’s my point here. I have a view, but guess what? I am not the judge. And arguing, condemning one another, will never help any one. I have a strong faith in God, but now my views are hopefully filled with love. I have tremendous respect for you Erika, and each person out there. Peace to you, and many great blessings!

      1. Great and profound words, Nicodemas. Nobody is meant to judge any belief of opinion of another person. Because those are the extensions of who they are at the moment. And everybody is OK the way they are. That is what makes this world so colorful and give so many different views on the same things. We can only learn from each other. Thank you so much, Nicodemas, for being such an inspiring blessing.

  2. As long as I live, I am the slave of the Quran I am the ground of chosen Mohammed’s way…
    Whoever carries a word of me apart from this I am complainant of him and I am complainant of those words too… Rumi ❤

    1. Semra thank you for commenting. He was a man of strong faith, deep faith. Question though – Are you saying I should not quote Rumi if I am not Muslim? Please let me know, I would never want to offend anyone. Peace.

  3. Indeed, I love the quotes of Rumi, his philosophy is amazing. I read today that Germany is taking in 800,000 refugees from the middle east. My heart aches for these displaced people and these unselfish actions of Austria and Germany renew my faith in mankind.

    1. Amen! And yes! I am so thankful this is taking place. Yes it will be a challenge for all involved. But people are people and when they need help the human thing to do is offer help. If we do not, then we are all in for a world of trouble. Thank you Holly, for your encouragement. Peace and blessings to you.

  4. yes brother you are right, love is cool, love is soothing, love is endurance, love is understanding, love is forgiving, love is sharing, love is caring, love defeats all evils, love is God, God is supreme love

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