The Last People XXVIII – Across Cultures

Maine and More 643

The weather in Inuvijik, Quebec was 28 degrees (Fahrenheit), with snow and high winds. As Anuniaq sat with his laptop typing to the group of survivors in Pennsylvania, the other six Inuit people sat watching him, glued to the glowing screen. They all wanted to hear about the other people still alive.

They were writing in French to a woman named Miriam, learning about each other and the farm that grew green, natural food. Miriam told them how many they were, and all about their cultural differences, that her husband was white, but she was from Eastern Africa. He was short and yet she was tall. This floored the Inuit, because they had never seen a couple married, that were of different colors. They had never seen a tall woman either.

Anuniaq typed slowly that the weather was bad today, but the electricity was still on, their town was almost completely solar, and it was working well. In the future, the issue may be the batteries giving out. The also had a fire going in their cabin (that’s what whites called their house), and it was warmer than usual indoors. It was almost 57 degrees inside!

In Pennsylvania, Miriam was typing as fast as she could, with everyone looking over shoulder. Jennifer was there too, but rocking the baby in her arms, trying to get him to go to sleep. They all wanted to hear about the Inuit people. Cathy and Cory sat at another laptop close by, looking up all they could, on Inuit culture. Jeremiah was getting annoying though, when each response came back. He could not read French, and he kept saying, “What did they say??” “What did they say??” “Jeremiah, please be patient!” was Miriam’s response.

Stringing the emails together, the Inuit had all lost relatives and friends in the biological wars, but they had managed to find each other, and they made an agreement not to leave each other, unless there was some terrible disagreement. There were three men, two women, and two children, but none of them were related, and several had different dialects. Two men found a drone one day that had crashed, probably due to weather, and they found a package attached underneath. In the package they found the information that the other survivors had been given.

They all lived in one house, and fished for food. They could not find green food anymore, but sometimes they could find canned beans. Their town of Inuvijik was on the northern tip of Quebec Province, and on the Hudson Bay.

Jeremiah was about to ask Miriam to type a question, when his cell phone rang. It was Roger so he thought he should answer. “My good man, I’m just calling to let you know I am in Bordeaux!” Roger said excitedly. Jeremiah asked, “So, have you met her?” “Yes I have and she’s a wonderful person.” Roger was smiling over the phone. “Right now we are in a café, having some tea.” “Roger that is wonderful!” There was a pause on Roger’s end, and then he began whispering, “Jeremiah, I have a problem though…..Monique is very, very Catholic.” Still whispering he continued, “She walks around with the rosary beads, and she seems to be praying all the time……..I’m not sure what to do about it…….”

Jeremiah responded quickly, “Don’t do anything about it Roger.” “Remember, you have a friend now, embrace her for who she is.” “We were not meant to all be the same, embrace the differences, it makes life exciting, and if you can’t embrace the differences, then look past them.”

There was another long pause, while Roger thought about this. Then he said, “You’re quite right Jeremiah.” “My good man, you are right – how boring it would be if she was like me!” They both laughed. Before hanging up Roger shared that he and Monique were conversing in French. Jeremiah was shocked and said, “French?” “Yes her English isn’t very good and I don’t know her language, and we both know French fluently.”

As he hung up the phone, Jeremiah couldn’t help but notice that everyone was communicating in French today. He wondered, “Would French be the language of the new earth?” Maybe Miriam could teach him.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

5 thoughts on “The Last People XXVIII – Across Cultures

  1. I believe most of the “differences” is in our minds, if we dig we will see there are one too many signs that we have originated from one single source and then winds have scattered us.

    we Indians are quite habituated with living in peace with people who have nothing in common with us (barring the ugly times when politicians use that against us), we are taught to respect differences, learn from them.

    1. You are fortunate to be taught how to accept other types of people. What a blessing, and not everyone has this. Culture goes very deep, and it is difficult to change. Peace my friend.

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