Maine and More 496

Some say that we need to grow where we are planted, but there are some people that need to plant themselves, in order to grow. My ancestors were from Germany. How about yours? France? China? Africa? We all need the good soil.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

21 thoughts on “Planted

    1. Yes! Absolutely! I’ve been to Canada, and love Ottawa. I really want to see Nova Scotia. I can’t wait to see Ireland someday. Peace my friend and have a great Sunday.

      1. I think I do. But I have to thank my parents for that. They moved away from where I was born and I couldn’t feel home where I lived. I blamed them for that many years and today I am very thankful about that 🙂 Have a nice Sunday, Nicodemas! 🙂

  1. well, my ancestors were from West Bengal, before that UP, that is a big story, my family has been living in west Bengal for last five hundred years or so, in Kolkata first then shifted to Burdwan. Their property is still in Burdwan 😉

  2. Afro Caribbean and German. My family now lives in several countries. It was interesting to grow up with two distinct culture. Growing up in a Commonwealth country, my education at home and at school was Euro centred and that felt “normal.” But outside of classes, I would be asked if I was from somewhere else. It’s been a feature of my life, being from somewhere else. I guess I’m comfortable being everywhere on Earth because of that. People seem to need an anchor for you so they can relate to who you are and understand what you’re going to do next. I enjoy not giving everyone the satisfaction of putting me in a box. x

    1. Wow, I love your comments. Your background sounds rich! Sometimes coming from more than one culture can give us strength, and makes it easier for us to be global, or to think more globally. At other times it can be difficult for children growing up, because they want to “fit in” but they are not sure where that is. Even with these circumstances though in the long run, I think it helps them to understand people that are different than they are. And we sure could use more of that kind of understanding. Peace, and thank you!

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