The Last People XXXI – Burying Fear

Mountains and Rivers 020

“Oh no you don’t!” “You’re not leaving my here all alone!” It was Jennifer yelling, even though she had just put Jacob back to bed, after a feeding. She continued with, “Think about it… want me to stay out here, in the middle of nowhere, with a baby, and there’s a bear in the neighborhood!” Jeremiah had not thought of it that way. She was right for sure, and he knew it. Jacob began crying, wondering why is Mom was yelling. Jeremiah looked at the clock in the kitchen, and saw it was 3:32 am. He paused, then said, “How soon can you be ready?”

As they began loading the van they had, Jeremiah slipped into the darkness, to call Roger Preston. He and Monique were still in France. When Roger picked up, Jeremiah said “Roger?”. “Jeremiah my good man!” Roger was always glad to hear another person’s voice. Jeremiah explained where they were going and why. Roger knew all about Kentucky, from Cathy telling him, just last week. Roger said, “And it could be dangerous, if the man is as crazy, as he sounds.” “Yes…” Jeremiah continued with, “I’m also calling to ask for prayer.” “Meaning, Monique prays, so can you ask her?” Jeremiah was not all that religious, but he knew a good resource when he saw one. Roger said he would ask her, and that he would send up some positive thoughts as well.

They left at exactly 4:10 am, which was good considering all they needed to load. In addition to some overnight bags, there was a diaper bag, a stroller, and a playpen. Jeremiah thought, “Why do women need to carry so much?” He didn’t tell anyone, but he also put a wooden case in the back, which contained a beautiful 12 gauge shotgun, with a carved stock. And he packed a pair of binoculars and a telescope, so they could look the place over from a distance.

They drove west towards Pittsburg, then southwest, down into West Virginia, and did not stop (except for short breaks) until they reached the Kentucky border. It had been 9 hours of straight driving, and they were exhausted already. Two hours later they were in the hills, and close to the cabin that Cathy and Cory had stayed in.

Cathy and Cory were in the middle seat holding each other, and absolutely terrified. Cathy was holding Cory with one arm, and her purse in the other, which still carried the huge handgun. Once in a while Cory would whisper, “Mommy, I’m scared.” Cathy held her closer.

About a mile, from the cabin driveway, Jeremiah pulled over the van and told everyone to wait there. “If he comes after you… know what to do.” Taking several cases with him out of the back, he headed for a deer trail, and some hills that would give him a good view of the cabin, without being too close. They waited. It was the longest 20 minutes of Cathy’s life.

Suddenly, Miriam’s phone rang. They all jumped, Miriam answered and said, “Yes?” Then, “Ok, yes we will.” She continued with, “Jeremiah says there is no danger, but we all need to come to where he is, on top of the hill.”

Once they got to the top, they found Jeremiah sitting on the ground with the telescope, pointed at the cabin. He motioned for Cathy to come close. “Look through here.”, he said. It took a minute for Cathy to focus her eyes through the lens.

She gasped. She saw Lance’s badly decomposed body, on the front porch, covered in blankets, in the rocking chair.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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