The Last People XXXV – Anhah

Mountains and Rivers 159

At the end of the Sabbath meal, Anhah leaned over, and spoke to Anuniaq in her Inuit dialect. The dialect was slightly different than his own, so he needed to listen carefully. She said, “She is here, she is the one, and I know it now for sure.” She was looking at Cathy at the time. Anuniaq wasn’t surprised, but he wanted to make sure he understood, so he asked in Inuit, “You mean Cathy?” The word Cathy did not translate, so at this, everyone looked up, especially Cathy, who wondered what they were saying.

Embarrassed, Anuniaq looked down at his plate, and stabbed a piece of potato, with his fork. But Anhah continued in Inuit, “Yes…..she will bring strength and light to our people.” She smiled gently at both Cathy and Cory now.

Jeremiah headed for the refrigerator, and started placing small bowls of fruit on the table, when suddenly Anhah grabbed her chest, in obvious pain. “Ohhh!” she yelled. Anuniaq began speaking very loud (because of fear) in Inuit, “She needs more medicine! I brought her here so you could help her!!” Everyone looked at him with blank faces, but as Jeremiah came over, Anuniaq repeated the same thing to Miriam in French.

Within seconds Miriam spread the word about Anhah needing heart medication, and Jennifer and Cathy sprang into action, breaking out their laptops. Jennifer searched for different medications, while Cathy looked for medical centers close by, that had cardiac departments. Miriam and Jeremiah helped Anhah to Jennifer’s room which was closest, and into bed. Miriam was busy translating to Jeremiah, all about Anhah’s heart condition, and what she had been taking. Anuniaq produced an empty pill bottle, which was in French. Miriam tossed it to Jennifer to look up, after telling her what it was in English.

Jeremiah was talking to Anhah, through Miriam interpreting, when he heard Cathy yell in the next room, “Memorial Hospital has a cardiac department!” “They are only 21 miles away – I’m printing directions now!”

As Jeremiah began taking Anhah’s blood pressure, Anhah motioned for Anuniaq to come closer. He did, and she pulled on his shirt so that his ear was next to her. In Inuit she said, “Listen, you must hear this, in case I die tonight!” “You must be very, very gentle with Cathy……take time and teach her our ways……you must be very gentle, because she has been wounded.” Anuniaq did not ask how she knew this, he just listened. She was after all, a seer. “And consider moving the people to southern Quebec, perhaps near Ottawa… would be better for all of us.”

Jeremiah did not like the looks of Anhah’s blood pressure, it was sky high. He heard Jennifer yell, “I have the list of medications you need, and they will not conflict with each other!” “I’m printing it out now!” In less than ten minutes, from Anhah’s first sign of pain, Jeremiah and Anuniaq were headed out the door to Memorial Hospital. They would be picking up any medical equipment they could find, including, an EKG machine, that would help monitor her heart, as well as the lifesaving drugs, Anhah so badly needed.

Miriam gave Jeremiah a kiss on the way out the door, and called him, “My Prince”, this time in English, which put a smile, on everyone’s face.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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