The Last People on Earth – Harvest

Maine and More 082


It was harvest time. Not only did Anhah improve, after taking the medicine she needed, but in only a few days, she was up and moving around again. Jeremiah kept a close eye on her, taking an EKG every day, and taking her blood pressure on a regular basis. There was still a wonderful sparkle in the old woman’s eyes.

A week after their arrival, Anhah, and Anuniaq moved into the farm next door. It had been too crowded in the house, and even though no one said anything, they were all relieved. Yet the Inuit established a tradition very quickly, of coming to breakfast every morning. In the evening they came for dinner, and there was a wonderful sense of community that was building. Jeremiah loved cooking for everyone. And Jennifer began cooking as well. One night she blessed everyone by cooking her mother’s recipe of orange chicken. They couldn’t believe how wonderful it was.

The new village was busy after Anhah’s recovery. This would be the only year they would be able to collect the harvest from other people’s farms. They collected all of the fruits and vegetables they could get their hands on, from the surrounding area. Most of it was packaged and frozen, but some of it had to be processed, cooked and sealed in glass jars. The process was called, “canning”.

The lab building was converted into the village processing plant. One day when everyone, even Anhah was busy working with sterilizing jars, or filling them with apples and pears, Jennifer asked Jeremiah and Miriam, “I’ve been thinking….would you mind, if the baby and I moved into the room upstairs?” She began to giggle, realizing it was where the two of them went to hide…..when they……well when they wanted to be alone. Jeremiah and Miriam just looked at each other.  “We’ll let you know Jennifer….” Privately they loved their little hideaway.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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